Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 6, 2010

The farm kids I heart.

This little big guy is almost 7 months old.  So that means he just had his 6 month check-up.  You wouldn’t expect me to actually have it when he was 6 months would you?  That would be something that a super organized Mom would do.  This baby did not get a Mom quite like that. 

He weighed in at 18 pounds and 2 oz.  He’s mighty big.  And his length was 27 inches.  He is so great … I just heart him so much! 

While we were at the clinic Evelyn stepped on the big people scale and she came in at 26 pounds and 4 oz. — with clothing — I like to weigh the one that doesn’t have an appointment, it’s like a free bonus or something. 

I snapped this picture right after she woke up from her nap today … I love that “freshly awoken” look.   It is so fleeting … one of my favorite looks.

And I heart her bunches too.


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