Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 8, 2010

Tomatoes 2010 in process … still.

Remember these? 

Well, those boxes are all empty now.  There would be a picture of those empty boxes except it is after 1:30am and well … it’s a tidge dark out there.   Please use your imagination. 

So obviously, tonight I did this … A LOT of this …


I am half done with the process.  40 quarts of juice sit in my fridge awaiting the morning sun when they will be cooked down into something fabulous.  Like spaghetti sauce, or maybe bbq sauce, or even enchilada sauce.   Then canned in pretty glass jars.

And … for the record, 40 quarts is A LOT of juice.   Thankfully I didn’t hate the process.  I love a good attitude adjustment.  Not sure where it came from, just happy that it arrived.



  1. Wow….that’s a lot of tomato juice. I can’t imagine them fitting into your refrigerator, actually. Did you toss out your other food? :)
    Or add on.

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