Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 10, 2010

A little something on flowers.

I love fresh flowers.  Shocking I am sure.  I know very few women who don’t enjoy the gift of some lovely flowers.  My favorites are tulips.  So, I bought some.

Adorable right?  When I told Loren that I picked up some flowers because I love them, because it has been years since he has gotten me any, and because I deserved them, he said … “there are flowers in the garden you know.”  Oh yeah. 

See, I forgot about the flowers in the garden.  Weeks ago we had friends over and on their trip to see the garden they brought back a few pretty pretty flowers.  Problem is, I never made it out there to pick any.  I was warned that they were in lots of weeds and that must have stayed in my mind … though honestly, getting out to the garden has never been an easy process this year.  Lots of things have to fall into place with the little people that I adore and live with, before that trip happens. 

With Mathias fast asleep and Evelyn with Farmer Neal picking popcorn in the garden I headed out for a quick look to see what was left.  It wasn’t pretty, but I did stumble upon these. 

They are my second favorite fresh flower.  I love them.   There were a few “good ones” left so I picked what I could and wished that I would have found the time to get more before they withered way. 

The other flowers that were doing well are apparently Farmer Neal’s favorite.   He said “pick some of those blue ones, they are my favorite.”.  I said “really?, why are those your favorite?” and he said “I don’t know?, cause they are blue maybe?”. 

Evelyn wanted my favorite ones … and I even shared one with her.  Of course I went and picked a “not so good one” that was left, but I still technically shared.   I tried to give her the ones Loren likes best and she cried until I got her the other ones.  The girl obviously has great taste in flowers at such a young age.

After my short little time in the garden, Evelyn and I headed back in the house and while she took a much needed nap …

I made pretty “free” flowers. 

I did mention that I love flowers right?  Pretty. Pretty. Pretty.



  1. They are beautiful. I love bachelor buttons too. You can dry them easily and save them over the winter. Maybe you can get out there again and get a few more to hang up to dry.

    Flowers are just another gift from God to give us love I think.

  2. PS
    The vase/jar is really unique…looks like a chicken wire pattern on the glass!

  3. I love that the cow vase matches the Tulips or the Tulips match the cow vase. Very Pretty! I agree what girl doesn’t like to receive flowers.

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