Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 11, 2010

Farm Boots … in pink of course.

Our girl is “officially” a farm girl.

Pretty sure I have said it before, but now?

Now, she wears farm boots. 

One night last week I was heading out to put the chickens to bed since the sun had set when I looked at that cute girl having a late dinner and said “wanna go with me tonight?”.  I unbuckled her, didn’t even wash her face … and noticed no shoes.  Shoot.  Where could they be?  In the washer!  Double shoot.   I did not want to carry all 26 pounds of her.

How I could tell those big blue eyes “sorry, I will be right back, you stay with your applesauce, even though you are so very excited to go outside”, I didn’t know … so I remembered the large tub of various sizes and colors of farm boots in the porch.

*deer in the headlights look … makes the Mama smile.

A little search for the smallest pair … we had a pink and a blue pair to choose from … and we were off.   It was a slow walk to say the least, but that was ok.  The chickens were safely behind closed doors and the short long walk made the girls night.

Cutest little farm girl around these parts.



  1. She looks very excited.

    If there’s ever a flood she can walk in water up to her knees, too! :)

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