Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 14, 2010

Solution to a problem.

Problem sounds like such a big word here.  It isn’t really a “problem” situation as much as a “what would work better” situation.

See, we have lots of these.

Toys sorta come with babies … which isn’t a horrible “problem” really, it’s just that they are everywhere and “need” to be everywhere a baby happens to be.  They like toys, and Mama’s like toys because the babies like the toys.  They keep those cute and busy babies quiet and occupied, especially in the kitchen. 

We spend lots and lots of time in the kitchen during the day.  Toys in the kitchen have been my “need” and “problem” since the big one was a little one.  I need them there, but storage has always been less than ideal. 

Currently they have been sitting in the baby chair.  This works pretty well, with the exception of Miss Evelyn pulling them out all the time … only to leave them on the floor, and having to move them whenever I need a babies butt in that spot.  

And … Mathias is a fan of the current system as well. 

This is about the 15th container I have used … I am rarely satisfied with make shift solutions, but this has worked the best thus far.  However, finding a better solution has always been rolling around in my brain.  So the other day when I came across this idea …


I was super excited.  A perfect sized drawstring bag using a fat quarter that only takes 15 minutes … how could I not be excited?

So tonight I had all the sewing stuff out to make a few receiving blankets for baby gifts and I figured it was a good time to try the “it’s gotta work!” idea.  I cut the material for the blankets, then took a break to make the bag, then went back and finished the blankets. 

The blankets turned out pretty good and the bag was so stinkin’ simple.  Though I didn’t time myself to see how true the 15 minutes was, it was fast.


And now … a perfect solution to my “problem”.  Miss Evelyn can’t get at them … which I should add irritates that bejeebers out of her, they are all contained in a nice neat (and cute) bag, and the seat is just sitting there waiting for a little person to occupy it.  Such a great bag and so fun to make.

So much so … that I made two more … for no reason at all.   I made the two of them in less than a half an hour … but I didn’t zig-zag the edges like they suggest, though I don’t think it would have added too much time.  I had to put my sewing stuff away to quit making them.  Sewing is my kind of problem solving.  Great fun.



  1. Yay! You just made my day!

    I couldn’t stop making them either, I made a bunch to hang on pegs for toy storage.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

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