Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 25, 2010

Random … on an October night.

It’s almost 10pm here in our getting colder by the day neck of the woods.  I have a list of about 6 things to still get done yet tonight.  But instead, I am going to post a little random … you know, just because.

  • Kids are still awake. 
  • I thought that a late afternoon nap for Miss Evelyn would be “ok”, and well … I am not sure that happened to work in my favor.
  • My kitchen is getting painted on Saturday!  I am beyond excited.
  • My best friends are coming to paint that kitchen with me.  I am beyond excited.
  • I have yet to “officially” decide on the color for the soon to be freshly painted kitchen but it is narrowed down to two choices.  One option is lighter, one a bit darker.  I am beyond excited.
  • The kitchen will be mostly a shade of aqua.  I am beyond excited.
  • I hope to make some fresh caramel rolls on Saturday morning before my fantastic painter helpers arrive. 
  • I also hope to have all the “cutting-in” complete before my fantastic painter helpers arrive.
  • If I manage both those goals prior to Saturday morning I think that I might just have to crown myself “awesome”, cause if it happens I most certainly will be.
  • Oddly enough I have kept my house clean for weeks.  Like the table is cleared off clean.  Scary right?
  • Speaking of scary … I don’t know that we are going to do Halloween this year.  Does that make me a bad Mom to not dress up the little children that won’t remember it the next day?  And to make them travel to someones house for a candy bar.  If we were intown I would probably do it, but living rural and trick or treating with little ones seems silly.  At least tonight, at this very moment.
  • Would you believe that Evelyn’s one year quilt is still unfinished?  Shocking I know.  All I have to do is put a border on it, a little batting, a backing and tie it.  And yet, it sits there.  Someday. 
  • Evelyn’s new bedtime routine involves a flashlight in her crib and a book.  I think it is fun and makes me a fun Mom … you know since I steal her Halloween joy without her even knowing … I gotta do something. 
  • Mostly the flashlight in bed deal is selfish … the girl runs to her crib when I get it out.   I figure that if I can get a 21 month old little spit-fire of a girl to run to her crib to go to bed for the night with a $2.88 flashlight, I will use it.
  • Mathias has been eating more solids.  I tried carrots and beans today.  There are pictures that have yet to be re-sized for my dial-up world.  I like to watch his facial expressions … he is full of them.  Where in the world did he get those from I wonder? 
  • I just got him all situated under his blanket again with his nuk.  That big sister is pretty distracting and he has to crawl to where he can best see her if she is playing outside those crib bars.  I was lucky enough to get a wif of that “just took a bath smell” in the process of situating him once again.  I love that smell. 
  • There is a big old laundry basket of kids clothes to fold on the couch … you know, right next to the cribs with almost asleep littles.  I put it there because I figured I would take care of it while the kids played.  Oh well … pretty sure that it will still be there in the morning.  Look at that!, I just crossed something off my list for the night.  Score.
  • I almost started on Christmas gifts this weekend.  Turns out I didn’t actually do it.  Close though, and even though close only counts in horse shoes, I still think it was good to get close. 
  • Looks as if my daughter is learning to put her socks back on after she takes them off.  That is a good thing.  She is also getting closer to getting her shoes on alone as well.   I pretty much think she is a genius.  But then I have to … part of the Mom contract I signed when she was born.
  • I am getting sleepy.  Both kids in their cribs for the night does that to this Mom. 
  • Think I will get to that to-do list, or at least decide what is a “must do tonight” item and maybe get to bed before tomorrow officially starts. 


  1. The flashlight idea is a good one. Stock up on batteries!

    Can’t wait to see your newly painted kitchen soon. It’ll be fun to have the ‘girls’ there too:)

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