Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 26, 2010

Where all the cool kids are hangin’ out these days …

This is where I found Mathias … on two separate occasions tonight. 

Apparently this is the place to be …

You know … if you are a 7 month old. 



  1. The past few days the little boys in my daycare have been hanging out underneath the table, too. They seem to get a huge kick out of it and laugh and laugh…like they’re getting away with something! I figure it’s a good thing because they can clean up all the food they threw down there, and they can’t run under there:)

    Mathias may have found a place where Evelyn isn’t.

    Not too many babies crawl OUT of trouble like that:) They usually are looking to escape to other rooms or climb some stairs instead of putting themselves in baby jail.

  2. They go under things like that and then can’t understand why they keep bumping there head. He looks so cute looking from under the crib.

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