Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 28, 2010

Kitchen Update … take 1

The process has begun to paint the kitchen in two short days. 

Not sure that even we … the greatest procrastinators I have yet to meet, can pull off the prep work prior to Saturday morning.   Especially since there are big holes like this one to patch yet. 

And … by the time the first coat of “mud” is on the wall, it will be only about 24 hours until the great painter helper friends grace our front door. 

Who knows, we might just pull it off.    We will certainly give it a great effort. 

Miss Evelyn was a great help this morning of course.  She just can’t help but be in the way offer her services.

Here is a little peak at the color. 

It’s ok that your jaw dropped.  It is bright, I will admit it.  But I really hope am sure that I will love it when it is all said and done.



  1. Evelyn with her crow bar is kind of appropriate for the Halloween weekend.

    I think the color is nice…it should dry a shade darker I would think. Hope the painting goes well!
    Maybe you can get Evelyn to ‘help’.

  2. I like the color, Steph, can’t wait to see pictures of the completed project!

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