Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | October 29, 2010

Almost ready …

We are almost ready for the big paint day tomorrow.  Loren will do a skim coat on the plaster tonight when he is home from work and a little sanding in the morning.  Then we will wash the walls down and break out the brushes! 

Lunch of hamburgers and fresh rolls are made and ready to go in the oven when we are ready for it.  But not before the caramel rolls “resting” in the fridge will be baked.  Makes  you wanna come and help paint right?  I treat me help well let me tell you. 

So now that my part of the prep is done I am off to get some shut-eye.  Thankfully this tired guy is already asleep. 

Too bad babies think that we can’t tell when they are tired huh?  Those tired eyes are a dead give-a-way.  And though this shot isn’t from tonight, his tired eyes looked the same when he went to bed.

Next post should involve some aqua kitchen walls!  Whoo-woo!


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