Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 4, 2010


Sometimes it is difficult to come up with a name for a new post.  Hence my ever-so-creative one for this evening.  They are more difficult when I have no idea what I am going to say.  I just feel like I should type a word or two here.  You might have thought I was getting on a roll there with two posts in a row for the start of November.  That must have just been a fluke. 

What would you like to know tonight?  I suppose that I could make this little post here “random” which I sorta like to do, and which I know Mom likes to read.  She is my number 1 fan after all so it seems fitting to please her from time to time.  So here we go … random stuff that pops in my little old head about our little life here on the farm. 

  • The kitchen is still aqua and I still love it.
  • Farmer Neal is still adjusting to aqua.   I told him today that I figure it’s because he just doesn’t spend nearly enough time in that room. 
  • Most of the time when he stands in the kitchen for too long, he looks around and say “ocean” over and over again.  He thinks he is funny.  He is funny.
  • I am learning how to knit.  For at least the second time.  This time around however I am teaching myself.  So far so good.  Well, I have nothing to show for my day of learning since I tear everything out but I heard once that practice makes perfect. 
  • Did I tell you that I have a fun idea for Christmas gifts for the little ones in my life?  Well, not all of them … but the ones that are blood related?  It’s gonna be great.  I might remember to share them with you after the season is over. 
  • I never told  you about my gifts from last Christmas did I?  Oh, well the reason for that might be that we finally finished gifting them to our siblings in August.  That’s how we roll when there is bedrest right after Christmas and then a baby and all that jazz. 
  • It was a joint effort on all sides this past year.  Loren cut the wood and painted them an off-white color.  We both went to visit my aunt and uncle and cut out the letters using the fancy shmancy circuit machine.  Then I stuck the letters on.  It was pretty slick.  All of our siblings and parents received them.  It was a great idea, if I do say so myself. 

  • Each sign had their last name and year they were married.  I really love ’em. 
  • This years idea won’t be as great I don’t think.  The idea has yet to be “thought” and it is November.  You might think that procrastinators don’t plan ahead, but we do.  We just don’t “do” ahead. 
  • But since the kids gifts are figured out and in process I figure that is something.
  • Halloween came and went and I didn’t dress up my littles.  They will forgive me don’t you think? 
  • Since I wasn’t sure if we would have trick-or-treaters I made some cookies up.   We haven’t had any … ever, but just incase I didn’t want any little ghosts and goblins to leave empty-handed.

  • Since nobody knocked on our door we ate cookies most of this week.   It was a good thing actually, since all the cookies got “splotchy” again when they dried.  Darn things. I think it is my crappy cheap coloring.  Someday I will get the good stuff. 
  • Even though we didn’t do Halloween this year we are doing a little All Saints Day deal at church on Sunday.  Even though All Saints Day was on the 1st.  Saints are around all the time so late is ok. 
  • This guy will likely be going as St. Isidore – the patron Saint of farmers. 

  • Mostly because he has overalls. 
  • This girls Saint is not yet decided. 

  • But she will be something “Saintish”.
  • Did you know that when you have a blog you can make up words?  Yep, it’s true … it’s one of the perks.
  • Anyway, this is Miss Evelyn’s favorite place to be in the kitchen. 

  • At the feet of whoever is at the sink.  That would be mostly me, but it happens when Daddy is in the kitchen doing some work.  FYI … it doesn’t happen much.  But it did that day.  Looks like he was working on potatoes.  He is good like that from time to time.
  • Well, I think that I should be done here. 
  • Did you know that when you have a blog you can abruptly stop wherever you want to in a post?  Yep, just another perk.
  • I was hoping to do a little bit more of “knit one, pearl one” and the night is getting late. 
  • Thanks for sticking through to the end here. 


  1. I love reading your blog and admire you so much. You take time to enjoy your children and make great memories with them. All those other things will be there when they are older so just keep playing with them and enjoy the smiles that cross there little faces. and please keep blogging.

  2. Your number one fan appreciates your blog, too. I especially like these in which you write without planning anything. It’s just like talking to you on the phone.

    The cookies look wonderful, and I bet they were good. Maybe there’s a solution to the frosting becoming spotty…they may need to be left without any covering but then they may dry out. If they last that long! They wouldn’t at my house. I can’t seem to stop if I start eating sweets. Probably because I don’t really want to stop…I don’t have that problem with cabbage or broccoli. :)

  3. My favorite part was the Elmo spoon.

    Your gifts are always so thoughtful, I love our ROHR sign. We are making some “music” cookies this year for Julianne’s business. I am going to build some custom cutters and will have to get the low down on shinny frosting.

    Good Lord, I am turning into my sister! :)

  4. Funny.

    I was just thinking of emailing you the other day to see if you were *ever* going to post a picture on how those signs turned out for last year’s Christmas. Just curious. But, I like how they turned out! I just couldn’t imagine it when my mom tried describing it to me last year. Thanks for getting them on here to see!

    And yes, David, it does sound like you are turning into your sister…slowly drop the piping bag and back away from the shiny frosting!

    Mary, the sweet thing must be hereditary…I have the same problem. Could be that I would hate for my kids to get too much sweets so I inhale them before that happens. Or, that they will go bad before they are gone and I would hate for that to happen too. Either way, it’s good for me!

  5. Your cookies turned out beautifully. And I love that you got to eat them. And I love your honest account of life… there is something so calming and inspiring about the simplicity (of reasoning and attitude) and strength you apply to all you do. I think I would love to just sit at your feet as well!

    Be blessed-

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