Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 6, 2010

First knit hat!

Here is my first knit hat.  The one that is too short for me and too big for the littles. 

Turned out pretty good for a first attempt I think.  Not good enough to keep, but good. 

It is now unraveled and back into balls of yarn ready for attempt two.  You know the attempt where I actually measure my head and use my new “oh!, that’s how that works!!” knowledge.



  1. If you make it about 8- 10 inches longer it should be great. You did a good job on the knitting!

  2. Your knitting looks nice and even for a first attempt! I’ve had pieces of a little sweater completed for almost a year, just not sure how to sew it together! It was supposed to be for Zaeda, but it will never fit her now. The new baby is a boy so Catherine probably won’t put a purple sweater with a white stripe on him, huh? Someday maybe I’ll figure out how to finish it.

  3. I agree with your mom and Jeri….you did a really good job on knitting evenly. Are you going to add a pom-pom when you get a hat you’re satisfied with? I always thought that was the most fun part to make. :-)

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