Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 10, 2010

Our Little Saints.

This past Sunday we had a little belated All Saints Day deal at church.  So on Saturday night at about 10pm I started getting serious about the costumes.  Mathias had long been figured out and was going to dress as St. Isidore – patron saint of farmers.  He had overalls so I was set!  Though that little girl was a mystery.  We went round and round on ideas and when I went to bed I was pretty much set on Mother Teresa, though I wasn’t super excited about it … mostly because I was certain she would rip the veil off her head and that would bring the entire costume off.  

After a little more searching on-line in the morning, I decided on St. Bernadette.  She was one I had hoped to do, but figured I didn’t have the right items to make it work, or the time to make anything.  It isn’t uncommon for me to see things differently in the light of day.  So the idea and inspiration to make a St. Bernadette costume was born and I was so excited to get it put together.  I found a little dress that “just fit” and even though it is unlikely that a little peasant girl would be dressed in purple in the mid 1800’s I went with it anyway.   The dress, though technically perfect had lots of details, like a couple big flowers on the skirt and embroidery and ruffles on the front.  Those items would have to be covered up.  The plan was to make a simple white apron and scarf for her head.

Amazingly enough, the apron went together great!  It was fun to make and I have to say that it is one of the best things I have sewn to date.  Best as far as “well sewn” I should say.  And … it was adorable!  

I hadn’t planned on putting the ribbon on the front but I had a little issue with my machine gathering stitches from the bobbin and so I covered it up.  Like how I just said it was the best sewing I have done, and then I say how I screwed it up.  That just goes to show how bad my other stuff has been I guess.  So anyway, even though St. Bernadette may not have had cute ribbon, it would have to be.  I have to admit that it was difficult to make just a plain white apron without any fun embellishments. I used a sheet and so I didn’t have to do the bottom hem which saved a little time.  Overall, it just went together so great.

Even though I loved the little apron and scarf, our dear little one did not.  She would cry whenever she saw it.  I told Loren … “I just need her to wear it long enough for a picture, and if she is screaming in the picture than oh well!”.  We ended up just dressing her in the dress at home and added the apron and hat at church.  You should know … there were huge tears.  Huge … sad … “I just don’t wanna wear this thing” tears.   But those tears dried up as soon as she heard people coming in the church.  She is easily distracted which is helpful! 

Mathias was obviously “less detailed” than his sister.  He was supposed to have a red hankerchief and a shovel … and both of those items were left at home.  Bummer.  There is always next year. 

Our little saints for 2010.


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