Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 11, 2010

My best laid plans … they often change.

I had a plan.

See, there are potatoes to can.  Those horrible half-frozen, smelly ones that I don’t love to do.  I made a plan to do one batch a day for as long as I needed to … probably a few days?  Not too sure how many you will end up with until you start cutting away the bad to find the good. 

This was a good year for potatoes by the way … really good.  Everywhere I look in the basement is a box of potatoes.  There are lots and lots of pounds of them.   There are lots of the bad ones as well.  There are nowhere near as many bad as good ones which of course is fantastic.   Potatoes are a good thing … don’t get me wrong.  I love home-grown potatoes … I just don’t like the half-frozen ones, cause they are half gross.  But they are also half good … which is good.

So anyway, my plan.  My plan to do one batch a day.  It started today.  I would finish a batch … 7 quarts and do something fun.  My fun for today was sewing.

Turns out that I did 28 quarts instead of said 7. 

Why you ask?  Why in the world would I divert from my perfect plan?  I wish I had a good reason.  Apparently I must enjoy working much to hard. 

Just a guess.

The great thing is that all my work today means tomorrow I get to sew!  Hope I am in the mood.  Come to think of it … it is probably better if I don’t make a plan.



  1. Sounds like a good idea to do the potatoes first since they will only spoil further and fabric just kind of sits there waiting for you to get to it! No odor problems there:)

    They will be nice to have this winter, all ready to roast or fry up.

  2. What a mammoth task! I wish I could be there to help you… They were so good in the chicken pot pie that you brought yesterday. It is now my favorite dish as it was delicious! We enjoyed seeing you all and the kids are so much fun. Thanks again for coming as Leo won’t be coming there for awhile…

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