Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 17, 2010

First tooth … and a bonus crusty snotty nose.

I finally managed to get a picture of Mathias’s first tooth!  I was pretty excited since it has been a few days of trying and the conditions for getting said tooth picture can be tricky.  You need the right angle, the camera in arms length, and a cooperating 8 month old.  All those things happened.  Whoo-hoo for the Mom!  Of course it wasn’t until after I uploaded the pictures on the computer that I noticed the bonus crusty snotty nose.  That wasn’t really part of the list of “needs” to get the shot.  It was pretty inevitable looking back since the poor boy has had a cold for almost a week and we had just arrived home after being gone all afternoon and he was not in “wipe that gross nose” reach for the last half an hour in the car.  I was mostly consentrating on that little tooth and didn’t look up past the mouth.  Oh well though right?  Pretty sure all 3 of you that read this here blog have witnessed a snotty nose or two.  So in the event that I don’t get a better shot while the tooth is “almost new!”, I post this one … with the warning of the bonus crusty snotty nose. 

I admit, it is hard to see the little white guy, but he is there … bottom right.  Teeth!?  Who told this cutie he could be old enough for teeth?



  1. I worked in school food service for 23 years and am used to snotty noses, My pant legs seemed like a good place to rub your nose if you were giving the lunch lady a hug and happen to have a cold. I also raised 2 kids and have 4 grandchildren. I loe your blog, hope you don’t mind that I enjoy the babies so much. Keep writing, I want to keep reading from here in Ruskin, Florida.

  2. Cute little tooth. Happy boy, too! Compared to what I see around here, that nose is nothing! :)

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