Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 17, 2010

Turkey Shirts!

I am pretty excited about my latest little project.  Not only is it “complete!”, it is super cute. 

Nice right?  Oh man I love these little shirts.  Could they be cuter?  Well, they could be I suppose, but they are fantastic and would you believe that I did them all in one day?  I know right?  Crazy.  Not too sure why I completed them so fast, but I think that it is mostly because I had about 6 other things that I should have done first. 

Before I go any farther I have to give credit to … The Cottage Home … where I found the tutorial for the shirts.  It was exactly what I was looking for.  Apparently great minds think alike.  The bonus for me was that this great mind thought of it “second” and I was able to just use the template and idea.  So many thanks to Lindsay at The Cottage Home! 

I found all my supplies and was set.  It was fun to pick out so many fabrics for one little project.  I wanted turkeys that worked for both kids and ended up with mostly yellow.  I didn’t really plan much … just took a pile of scraps and found enough that would work.   I had however, planned to make them exactly as the tutorial showed. 

Unfortunately I ran into a little glitch when I discovered that I stink at stitching around something so small and so curved.   So rather than continue to be frustrated by my crooked curves I took out my trusty seam ripper and my embroidery supplies.  The little turkeys look a bit more primitive than I had originally planned and it also added a few hours to the project with all the hand work, but they really are adorable I think.

This one is Ev’s … the first one I did.  I must say that the second one went a bit faster, which is pretty common. 

And here is Mathias’ little turkey.  His looks a little bit “mean” since the eyes are more slanted.  I might still fix them.  And I have been debating putting their initial on the turkey tummy.   Decisions decisions!  

So there they are … my adorable turkey shirts for our little turkeys.  I would have taken a picture of them with them on but they are asleep (as I should be at this late hour) and well, they are white shirts.  That is what I found in my digging of clothes and I was happy that I found two that would work, even if they are white and will likely be donning pumpkin pie before we know it.  But it’s all good, because they are cute and they are done.  White, but done.  And seriously now, you gotta be impressed that they are finished right?  I can’t be the only one shocked here.



  1. I’m not shocked, because you manage to get so much done frequently! Very nice job, and what a neat idea. We’ll just have to use my industrial strength vinyl bibs with a tray in front on Thanksgiving day:) Then they might stay white.

  2. Dont change a thing… they are AWESOME!!! AH! I wish I could sew. Truly. IT drives me CRAZY that I cant and I have never taken the time to learn. Can I come stay with you for awhile and you teach me???? hehe

    Your kids are going to look so adorable in those. Great job!


  3. Really cute shirts. Love them, and the kids will be the most adorable turkeys at the table on Thanksgiving!

  4. Now you need to think up a design that could work for Christmas, maybe a tree with different colored bulbs.

  5. Very nice! I think I like the hand stitching better than I would the machine stitching.

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