Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 20, 2010

Little project turns into big project.

This is a little story of how a little project turns into a big one.  Oh wait … have I told this one before?  That is like the story of my life.   

The story goes (this time!) that I was going to work on some Christmas gifts.  The ones for some of our nieces and nephews.  The process was going to be simple.  I just needed some fabric from my “stash” and I could start. 

Turns out …

This is my stash.   And, this is the pile “after” I began sorting … there are actually a couple other piles behind me.  Yikes. 

The one good thing about this unnecessary amount of fabric is that I don’t pay full price for a piece of fabric.  I love good fabric on clearance or second-hand.  Mostly, I hold out on buying any until it is like a buck or two a yard.  So it could be worse … even though it is horrible how much I have.  Just sayin’.

So, instead of just “finding some” fabric for my project  like I thought, that would take a few minutes, I had to search and search for colors that matched, and a large enough piece.  I decided part way in that it would be easier to just sort it all and organize it.  Which is how the little project turned into a big one. 

It took hours … but I finished it. 

the “scraps” … I have big plans for little squares to make my favorite patchwork quilts … someday!

Now, my sweet husband is going to help me make the craft room which has become the dump all room and is barely workable, into a workable space.  Heck, I might even be able to do crafts in there!  Whoo-hoo! 

I love making Christmas gifts … I really really do!  Even when a little project turns into a big one.



  1. my mother in law makes quilts and she has her fabric organized by color, like a box of pinks,one of blues and one of greens and so on. when she gets an order or decides to make a quilt she can just grab the right colored boxes and go for it. right now she is making a postage stamp quilt so she can use up all those tiny little pieces.

  2. This looks so familiar! When we moved to NC I pretty much got rid of my stash. It’s building again…quite rapidly! So far mine isn’t really organized but once the craft room at the Conway house is finished I’m SURE it will be. :)

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