Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 21, 2010

Daddy Draws

Miss Evelyn was sitting with Daddy at the computer Saturday morning while I was getting breakfast ready.  I knew they were drawing, but didn’t see the artwork until later. 

How cute is that?  I had to scan it and save it here for prosperity sake and write down a few tidbits about the drawing that I caught while a room away.

  • They started with writing EVELYN and then went to DADDY and MOMMY.  The “Y’s” are circled because he was showing her that they all have the same letter.
  • I also heard about the house being drawn, but not the barn. 
  • The tree and the camera were surprises as well.
  • The “horse” though I was prepared for.  This is what I heard … “Should we draw a horse? … well, it doesn’t really look like a horse, more like a bad turtle with really long legs … but it’s actually a horse.”  That made me laugh and I had to make sure he said “turtle” because I didn’t expect to hear that.  But yeah, it does sorta look like a turtle.
  • You can see Evelyn’s little additions.  She writes little squiggle lines, as though she is writing letters.  She can easily fill up a page full of them, but here it looks like she was distracted by something and left the lap of the Drawing Daddy … it was likely breakfast. 


  1. Think of all the creative gifts, clothing, and curtains these pieces of fabric will become over the next few years! Can’t wait to see them.

  2. OK, so I put this comment on the wrong post!:)

    Like the pictures Loren did, though. It brought back a memory of you girls and some HUGE coloring books Grandma and Grandpa R gave you for Christmas one year, and your dad laying on the carpet coloring with you.

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