Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 22, 2010


There are three more areas in the kitchen that need to be complete before we can label the paint the kitchen project “done!”.  Though getting the walls ready and painted were the main goals, there are three smaller ones.  I am happy to report that one out of the three is done.  

The projects are little … obviously, though you would be surprised (or maybe not) at how long it took for these new hooks to get up.  But actually, it only took him 5 days once they were ready to go up … which really, isn’t bad … took me longer to post the pictures.   Plus, in his defense … the pegs and boards were pretty poor in quality and he had to re-drill all the holes because the pegs wouldn’t fit, and he had to come up with new screws because the ones included were much too small.  But it is done, and that is the point here.  As a side note, you may notice that the man behind the progress lost a bunch of hair between taking the old hooks down and getting the new ones up.  But then again, I might be the only one that noticed. 

We went from 5 hooks on that white board and 4 small ones on a shelf that was already down before the camera came out, to 18 pegs.  18 is much better for this girl who loves organization. One is kid level, one adult, and one for hats and keys and such.  I love them.  Well, if you can love something like a crooked wooden plank with pegs that is.  Let’s just say that I like them a lot.   

Next up are window coverings and a chalk board wall.  They are both “all me” projects and if you have been reading here for a while then you are aware they could be done tomorrow, or in a month … one just never knows when the “get it done” bug will hit me.  But it will … eventually.



  1. I like it very much…it holds so many items in such a small space. And I love the color of your walls in there.

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