Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | November 27, 2010

A girl needs a spot of her own.

Miss Evelyn loves to “work” on things … mostly with paper and pen.  She takes it very seriously.  I figured that a little craft desk would be perfect. 

Using what I had on hand, I took the little end table that held a big plant (which is temporarily living on the dryer) and a cake board that I had stored.  A little tid-bit about the board … my Dad made it for me 15 years ago when I needed a board for a guitar cake I made for my little brother’s 21’s birthday.  It even had little feet on the bottom and handles cut in, just cause he is so nice.  On the bottom of the board there is a label that states “reward offered for safe return”.  My best guess is that he didn’t want to make me another one. 

So anyway, to make a long story short … I put the cake board on the end table.  The long story would be where I explain that I used strips of fabric tied under the table and then added strips of velcro (so that I didn’t damage the old table) and added the other side of the velcro on the bottom of the cake board.  I would also explain how that didn’t work, so I added some duc tape to the strips on the bottom of the table.  Then I might tell you that the tape worked pretty well for keeping the table from moving north and south, (until it comes off and I have to retape it).  However, I would have to add that the tape did not fix the fact that the table top also moved from east to west.  So, even though it sounded like a simple solution for all the problems, the “new craft table” is far from secure and if she decides to climb on it, or stacks too much stuff on the left side before her Daddy uses his engineer brain to fix it (and spare damaging the old end table) …  she will no longer have a fancy shmancy craft table to use.  Then I would tell you that in the past few days that it has been used, she has done great and hasn’t even attempted to climb it … she isn’t much of a climber, her brother would try to climb it I am sure, but he is safely behind that cattle baby fence.  But I won’t bore you with all those “long story” details.

The girl loves her little spot to land.  Eventually I will add some amenities, like buckets for some of her supplies and a stack of colored paper that I need to cut up … Oh, and we will fix that whole “unstable” part of the table.  But until then, she can write and draw and color whenever she wants to.  Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.



  1. How cute. She seems to love it:) You maybe could take home one of my little blue chairs, too. I have a couple extras.

  2. What an amazing story!! Love that cake board.. and that your little angel gets to love it now too!


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