Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 1, 2010

Bits-n-Pieces on a Wednesday.

We are still here … did you wonder? Good grief, how in the world is it already Wednesday evening!?  This week is flying by, just as last week did. It’s suddenly busy around here.  We did a little two-day road trip last weekend and we needed a couple of days to recoup.  We went to visit one of my brothers and his family while my nephew was home on leave.  On the way we saw Loren’s parents and stayed with his sister and family.  It was so nice to see everyone. 

Here are our little turkeys with their big turkeys. 

Only downside was that 5 hour drive home.  The kids actually did pretty good all things considered.  If they were any older they might have refused to get in the car knowing they weren’t getting out until 5 hours later.  We did lots of tossing crackers in the backseat and singing songs.  I am pretty sure they prefered the crackers. 

I snapped these shots of the littles tonight.  They are still cute. 

I have yet to make any more progress on the kitchen or my Christmas gifts.  That should shock none of you … wherever did I get this procrastination gene!  Must skip a generation maybe?  Yikes.  But I will get them done … I always do.  If you received your 2009 Christmas gift in August of 2010 then you have my permission to doubt that, but the rest of you should trust that I will get Christmas done by Christmas.  You know, if I see you … if it goes in the mail, then no guarantees.  That’s just how we roll around here. 

Want to hear a not so funny story?  Well it is sortof funny … if it wasn’t your life.  So this morning I had a load of laundry to get done.  It was a big load and part way through loading the washer I thought “this might be too many clothes”.  But I went ahead and stuffed it anyway.  It is a front-loader so it is hard to know how full is too full when it is supposed to be full.  Part of the reason it was full was because I was washing Evelyn’s precious security blankets.  They had to be washed and I have decided to teach her how this whole washing thing works.  She gives up her blankets, see’s them come out of the washer, go into the dryer and gets them back in about an hour and a half.  She’s gotta learn how it works and even though it isn’t fun for her to be blanket less and the tears flow, I figure it will just take a couple of times to be no problem to ask for the blanket to wash.  If you are laughing at my logic, you may want to save it for the end when it is more appropriate.  So anyway, I didn’t think to have her help me put them in the washer (mostly because that washer is STILL down in the basement and not upstairs and I didn’t want to listen to her cry all the way down the stairs and all the way up) but we figured it would work to have her empty the washer.  Loren was here when the washer was done cycling so he took her down, only to bring her back up empty-handed and crying.  He said “the washer is broke”.  Oops … did I do that?  Turns out that it stopped rinsing during the last few minutes and there was a considerable amount of water in the stuffed washer.  I said “well, did you at least take her blankets out so that we could wring them out and dry them?”.  His answer was “no” and he looked at me like “why would that be the plan?”.  Between the cries of a tired little girl we had lunch, Daddy went to work and I ran down to dig out the loved blankets and threw them … sopping wet … in the dryer … which took almost an hour to dry.   In the end the blankets were washed and dried which was the goal.  Breaking the washer and having to wring out a huge load of cold clothes and dry them all afternoon was not.  And, I am pretty sure that Evelyn won’t believe me next time I say “it will just be an hour and a half and you will get them back.”  Poor girl waited almost 4 hour from start to finish.  ~ The End.

I have apples to cut up and freeze.  I don’t want to do them but they have been on my “to do” list for weeks.  I thought it was just a few that froze in the porch before we got them moved to the basement but when I moved the little box that held a couple dozen I realized the large box they were sitting on were also full of apples.  Yikes!  I better get it done, I will be glad that I did it when all is said and done. 

One final shot … cause it makes me smile.

Have a blessed day!


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