Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 7, 2010

Out-n-about with the littles.

This afternoon I took the kids out to run a few errands.  I should have waited until after Miss Evelyn napped but they were on opposite schedules today and so I just figured “oh well, it’ll be fine”.  And really, it was, they did great.  Until now that is.  Now, there are two very tired little ones behind me in cribs who would rather not be.  But they are tired.  Chances are good they might be a little hungry as well, but much more tired. 

Our main stop of the day was the grocery store.  I have learned to appreciate that chore, since it has never been on my “favorite thing to do list”.   We encountered some cute old Grandma’s who smiled sweetly at the kids.  One said “Are they fun?” and I responded “They sure are!”.  I don’t think that she believed me because then she added “But they must be a lot of work and keep you really busy!?” and I said “Oh well of course they are, but I can’t imagine what I would do without them”.   I wasn’t sure if she was looking for me to complain or what.  Complaining about the gift of my children does not happen often, if ever … especially to a stranger in a grocery store.   

After we were done running all around we finally checked out.  I should admit that we checked out with an open bag of pretzels … something that I swore I would never do.  Live and learn I guess.  With Mathias in his car seat taking up most of the large area and Evelyn in the front there was little room for groceries.  I sort of just wedged the food around him as we went up and down the aisles.   That same wedging option doesn’t quite exist when all the food is bagged up.  The kind young man just loaded them in another cart.  So there I stood looking at two carts “full” of items that all needed to make it to the van.  I remembered that people do this all the time while shopping with kids.  I could easily pull the second cart behind me.  As we exited the store an employee said “Oh!, do you need some help?”.  I thought for a second and replied “Nope, I think I got it”.  By this time I thought I was pretty cool since I had a cart of kids and a cart of food.  I only wished I had a couple more kids to make it all the more dramatic.  We went out the big sliding doors and ventured on to the van.  I received a look or two and thought “oh that is the look people talk about“, that one that looks just a little disapproving?  Silly really cause there were only two kids for pete’s sake.  Almost to the van a woman looked at me with that “look” and I thought “oh good grief” and smiled her way.  Then she caught a glimpse of Mathias in the car seat and said “Oh My!”.  She said this to her self of course, under her breath.  How ridiculous … TWO kids and a few bags of groceries is nothing lady.  We loaded up and I still thought it was somewhat funny and somewhat annoying all at the same time. 

Our next stop was the craft store.  I will admit that I took sleeping children from their car seats.  Crazy?  Yep it maybe was, but see … I rarely get out, and I really wanted to walk around and look at fun crafty-ness. 

I am used to the “Oh how cute!” statements by now with adorable children so it wasn’t too much of a shock when two “young Grandma’s” came up to us and chatted with the kids.  They smiled and did their best to charm them.  I heard the standard comments about “how cute”, “how adorable”, “how friendly”, … same old same old.  There were comments about the blue eyes which they said were just like mine, even though mine are green, and how well they get along.  They asked about their names and sort of stopped and the silence assured me that they didn’t approve.  Even though the light “cute kids” moment was now tarnished with disapproval I said with a smile, “strong names right?” to break the silence and they both said “I would say so!” in unison.  By this time I was ready for the little “chat” to be over but they stayed.  I don’t know if I imagined it or not but I swear they were trying to figure out if a third baby was in the works.  It was odd friends, it was odd.  I didn’t bother to tell them that to the best of my knowledge it’s just the two, (though we would be just as happy to hear about #3, as the others) especially since it wouldn’t be any of their bussiness and decided to just move the cart a bit to indicate that we must be on our way. 

We went up and down the aisles continuing our shopping with a slightly cranky almost 2 year old who wanted one of everything, except the items we were purchasing.  Somewhat  irritated by our encounters for the day we were thankfully blessed with a sweet older Grandma who stood behind us at the check-out.  She smiled politely at the littles and said not a word, except when Evelyn was asked to put her hat on and she tried to throw it.  Then she chuckled and said “well, I guess she doesn’t want the hat huh?”  Even if she thought two kids were too many, she kept her mouth shut and redeemed my faith in human kind, or at least in people being kind.  Sad though that the idea of TWO children is looked upon so lowly … at least by those that I encountered today.  TWO!  I suppose that it could be their closeness in age more than the fact that I have two of them, but considering they were in my cart and that they were coming home with me, seems a little absurd that anyone should express an opinion, especially to a complete stranger.   And I did mention they were well behaved right? … not that it should really matter, but they were great.

On the way home as I was listening to those adorable little gifts whine and cry (whom are both now sleeping soundly) I decided that it’s probably better that I don’t get out much … not because of the whining, but because so many people of the world drive me crazy!



  1. My daughter has her two close together too and people asks her if it was intended or an accident, she wanted them close so they could grow together and also once diapers and bottles were over it was all done. It was just as easy to change two diapers and make two bottles. now they are 10 and 11 and people asks if they are twins sometimes.

  2. I totally get it! Only imagine this…..walking through Walmart (okay, you probably can’t imagine that! j/k) with one in the front, one in the cart, and one running ahead of you clearing the path by sliding every 10 feet as if he were sliding into homebase. Imagine that!…..with a list that covers a full notebook page and 2 kids constantly screaming “I have to go potty” (even though we went right before we left the house). Imagine that. I’ve gotten used to just tuning everyone out….EVERYONE…..probably to the point of being completely rude. But I don’t really care cuz I enter the store with 3 kids and a mission and HOPEFULLY I exit it with 3 kids and mission accomplished.

    I get it.

    And now dear hubby is talking about #4. Yikes. Don’t get me wrong, there will most certainly be a #4, #5, and probably #6 ….#7, but I’m thinking a little bit more time needs to pass as #3 drives me nuts right now and my sanity is much to fragile. I’m sure you understand.
    Us farm wives with old fashioned husbands, old fashioned ideals, and old fashioned ways of doing things ought to stick together.
    How about a play date? ;-)

  3. My favorite was when I stopped in Christopher & Banks to look at the clearance rack. The saleslady made the usual “Are they all yours?” and “you have your hands full,” comments. Then she said, “Do you ever get to do anything for yourself?” I said, “Yes, I am shopping at Christopher & Banks” She looked completely confused. As if I have to be away from children to do something for myself.

  4. Way back in the day (haha) when Paul was a baby and I was very pregnant with Brian, I rode the city bus to work. One day on the bus I was approached by a woman who apparently also saw me when I was pregnant with Paul and didn’t approve that I was having another one so soon (18 months apart), because she asked me in a very put out way, “Haven’t you ever heard of birth control?!” I think I’ve remembered it all these years because I was so astonished that someone actually thought it was their business when I had my babies.

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