Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 9, 2010

What’s Up?

It’s almost Friday.  Yikes!  Time flies.  I remembered that I had a few pictures on the camera to share and since the weekend looks like it will be just as busy as the week was, I will just throw a bunch of random stuff together. 

This past Saturday we made wreaths!  It’s the third year we have made them using branches from trees Farmer Neal planted years ago. 

I only finished two wreaths with grand hopes to make lots more.  Pretty sure we are just going to end up with the two.

I love how they turn out, all wild and earthy looking.   It would look better if I had taken down the corn stalks that are still out there. 

I never showed you how that looked back in October did I?  

We didn’t have pumpkins so I used squash.  I like to use what I have.  Of course now those squash are in the basement or already consumed, but those stalks are still in the same spot, just with a pretty white snowy backdrop.  

Since I just found a couple other pictures I never posted, but were resized to put on the blog, here you go …

My best guess on the cabbage picture is that I thought it was pretty? 

I have tried several times to get a picture of Benedict and a hen over the past several months … since he was just tiny.  I had this idea to do an “Eggs Benedict” post.  Hee hee … still makes me laugh and I thought of it months ago.  Anyway, the birds in the picture are actually young  roosters.  Which obviously isn’t “Eggs Benedict”.  Plus, they are so far away and Benedict is a bit blurry.  Overall, it just isn’t any where near the cool picture I was hoping for.  Still funny though.

I took a couple of pictures of Farmer Neal while he was putting hay on the septic system during our first snow a few months back.  He yelled from a far said “you are going to take a picture of my procrastination?”.  I assured him that the average person wouldn’t know that it should have been done before the snow was actually flying, they would just think that it was a lot of work and also think he was cool.   And if you do know that this should have been done earlier, please don’t judge … we lead a very busy life, and somethings just have to wait.

Plus, it is done … and even if it was at the last minute, it was still done … and that is really all that matters.   

Here is a random shot of Evelyn … up close!  Oh, and with a dirty face too I see.  Her deal a couple weeks ago was to walk up to the camera when I was trying to take her picture.  Pretty sure that she thought she was helping. 


Here are the kids after a “spice run” that we took during canning season.  If I recall, it was an emergency need for garlic powder to make pizza sauce.  And, I also recall getting every spice except the garlic powder.  Good times.

Ok … I will stop with the random pictures and get back to this week.   

I started a little Christmas Candy making the other night.  The pretzels were started as the clock struck midnight.  Only took about an hour so that wasn’t too bad.

Tonight I made my cookies for a cookie exchange on Monday. 

Pecan Tassies.  11.5 dozen.  They are tasty.  While I was baging them up and adding a little card with the ingredients Evelyn was watching me.  Half way through I realized she could totally help!  So she put the paper in and then handed me a twist tie.  Her little face lit up when she was helping.  Super cute. 

Before I made cookies today I tried to make some felt ornaments.  In my head they are really fun and perfect for gift giving.  The reality is that they are not fun and far from perfect.  I stopped after 3 different “plans” to make them cute.  I have a couple other ideas to try if I have time.  I tried to take a picture of them for you.  My plan was to have Evelyn hold them.  Turns out she wasn’t in the mood so I put them on the corner of Mathias’s crib.  But the light was really bad.  Then I put them here. 

Any clue as to why that was the dumbest idea? 


Now tonight I need to make some spritz cookies and start cleaning the house.  I have a pampered chef party tomorrow night so I need get a few things in order.  Unfortunately the clock is closing in on 11:00pm.  Not sure what will get done, but I better do something even if it’s wrong.



  1. Excellent post, and funny too. :) I think the cabbage plant looks like a rose. You certainly pack a lot into one day! The story about the spices made me laugh. But the Eggs Benedict story was truly a wonderful paragraph and photo, especially since the chickens were roosters. Maybe you could write an article for a farm magazine sometime… all your spare time!

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