Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 15, 2010

Christmas Pics!

Here are some 9 shots from yesterday.  The goal was to get a good picture of both kids together.  This was our best out of the two she was able to take. 

Turns out Evelyn didn’t want to sit up on the table.  Who knew.   Well, I should have known, but I really thought she would stay up there longer than 15 seconds.  Oh well.

We moved the table and she was eventually bribed with some marshmallows to stay in the backdrop area. 

They worked pretty well.

The littlest one did great.  I figure he is still too young to know how much power he actually has in situations like this. 

 This “lip” picture is for Grandma Mary … pretty sure she will love it.

Overall, we got some great shots.  And I wish I could take credit for the adorable hat … that was all Lindsey.  Not only can she take great photos, she can also crochet.  I am more than a little jealous.  At least I can take credit for those cute little people.



  1. Beautiful photos…I think the black and whites are pretty neat,too. You can’t tell if they are 1950 or 2010:)

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