Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had a great Christmas.  Lots of family, fun, great food, relaxation, and all the rest.  I would love to share a bunch of pictures representing our 2 family Christmas celebrations … but I can’t.   We didn’t even bring the camera out on Christmas Eve.  Though it was in the diaper bag the entire time.  Ooops!  Christmas Day I handed the camera to Loren and said “here, can you take some pictures since I am down here on the floor with the kids”.   I saw one flash then heard him say “umm … what does it mean when it beeps, the lens goes in and it shuts off?”.  I reply with a groan and say “that means the stupid battery is already dead!”.  Someday I will have a new camera … someday. 

Proof of my story is our one Christmas 2010 shot.

Nice huh?  Oh well, at least you can tell Mathias is there.  Following “our turn” to open gifts with the kids I plugged in the camera, where it sat on the counter until we packed up to head home …  long after the sun had set.  After we arrived home and had everything semi-sorted I noticed Evelyn playing with her cool new phone wearing her new pajamas.  Though the shots wouldn’t be great considering she was in the kitchen, I thought that we could try to re-enact at least something that looked like Christmas.   

I said “look at Mommy!”. 

Then she did this. 

And she didn’t budge from that spot.  So there you go, Christmas 2010 in pictures.   We can only go up from here for next year I figure.



  1. That is so typical two behavior it just made me laugh! Especially since she’s YOUR 2 year old and I don’t have to deal with her:) I paid my dues.

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