Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | December 30, 2010

4 years as 1

Four years ago today we said “I do”.   Literally … that’s all we said. 

See, we had memorized our vows and when the time came dear Fr. George forgot we were going to recite them word for word and instead said them for us to which we replied “I do”.  Have you ever been to a wedding where that is how they do it and you think “how lame that you can’t at least repeat the vows!”?  Oh, is that just me?  Probably, which is why it is sort of fitting that it happened to be the way it went at my very own wedding.  Both of us thought about stopping him and correcting the vow part of the blessed day but in the end figured it was ok, and it was.  I was mostly disappointed because I had worked so hard to memorize them and had siked myself up to not be nervous.  Oh well.  It worked out ok and created my most favorite memory from the day when we recited our memorized vows to each other in a dark church.  It was awesome.  Then we left the cold and dark church to embark on our new adventure called “life as one”.

And an adventure it has been.  So many blessing, so many days where we wonder “huh?, so this is marriage?”.  The good and the not so good, the amazing moments and the trials.  We are in the midst of a life as one and it truly is a beautiful thing. 

Happy Anniversary to us!



  1. Such a beautiful wedding it was, and you are an amazing couple! Congratulations on 4 years, and may God bless you with many more.

  2. Happy Anniv, I hope you had a special day but with 2 little ones every day is special and busy. We will be married 45 years in July. We only said “I do” at our wedding and both of us were so nervous that was about all we could get out. Marriage just gets better every day, it has its ups and downs but way more ups I think.

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