Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 8, 2011

Birthday Party Prep

I made this today for Evelyn’s upcoming birthday party. 

Cute right?  I saw some similar awhile back somewhere and thought “I should so make those!”.  And I did. 

And because I can’t just do something simple like 1 … I made 4.

And they are two-sided … you know incase you need them to be seen from both sides.  And, each side is different from the front.

It took my entire day.  Well, I did do some “kid stuff” as well …. like feeding, diapering, finding out the cause of the crying, and etc.  I even got to clean up puke.  That NEVER happens here (like once in 2 years … seriously) but as soon as it was over for her, she seemed fine.  So anyway, besides all that I worked on the cute banners all day. 

I am glad to be done.  It’s midnight.

I know that Evelyn is blinking in this picture but she is smiling.  Smiling for the camera is rare these days.  Did you know she will be 2 in just 7, well now 6 more days?  Yikes.  You can’t see from the photo but you should know that she is very mismatched, her pants are a deep purple that should not be worn with blue … that was all me, and she needs a bath, which again is my fault.  It’s also right before she was sick … like minutes.  No wonder I was surprised huh?, she looks pretty good for an almost two-year old who needs a bath, a better fashion consultant and isn’t feeling well. 

The other picture shows the one print that is “girly” cause it has flowers.  I just love that fabric and you have to look close to see the flowers.  There are only two triangles that have that print actually, out of 36.  Did I mention that there were 36 triangles with 2 different fabrics.  That is 72 triangles.  That is a lot.  I needed at least one girly fabric don’t ya think?  If Mathias complains someday then I might apologize, but probably not.  All the other fabrics are suitable for boys and girls. 

I used heat-n-bond and bonded one triangle to another and then to the binding.  I did sew two rows of top stitch along the top of the binding, and considered a top stitch around each triangle but after one, I decided I didn’t like it.  As much as I love heat-n-bond, I think it may have been less time-consuming to just sew them?  We will have to see how well they hold up.  I did tell you that I worked on them all day right?  I think that I am just trying to find out how I could have avoided that, which is silly.

Oh, and I don’t know if I ever told you that I finally made valances for the kitchen.  It has actually been weeks and week.  They are boring white and apparently temporary.  Matching fabric to my fantastic walls has been a problem and I was tired of the bare window.  And I am pretty sure someone was coming over so I threw them together late one night.  This isn’t my first late night working on something … incase you were curious.

I think that they turned out great.  They aren’t perfect of course, but they are pretty good.  If you are coming to the party make sure that you tell me how fun they are.  But if you are helping to put them up, don’t look too closely.  Deal?  Good. 

So until the party they adorn our kitchen window where that cute girl will be super excited to see them in the morning.  She was happy about 1 banner so 4 should be pretty great.   I am tempted to wake her up and show her.  I won’t … but I want to.  I am a good Mom like that.



  1. So colorful and wonderfully celebratory! Cute, too. I know I overuse that word…alot. Anyway, good work and you’ll no doubt be hanging it up for a long time. Maybe you’ll even use it when they graduate high school. Hope I’m still around for that:)

    You did a great job on the valances too.

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