Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 9, 2011

Bath Time

Last night was bath night.  And boy was it fun. 

*I don’t really Love Mathias more … he is just much more cooperative*

Unfortunately after all that fun, both of those little happy people were sick.  It wasn’t pretty.  A silver lining though is that they were not crabby, just sick, then happy, then sick.  Ick.  I did two loads of laundry between 11pm & 2am … need I say more?  Hopefully tonight is restful (so far so good!) and we can go back to overly happy kids like normal.



  1. Oh no!!! I am so sorry! :( I hope they are all better soon… those faces are just priceless!!!

  2. Too bad they were sick; hope all’s well today! And that you and Loren didn’t catch the bug. The bath photos were so good. I especially like the one where the water is all churned up by cute little legs. :) We KNOW you love Evelyn too :) But 2 year olds are probably about as easy to photograph as farm animals! You got a really beautiful shot of her smiling though.

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