Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 10, 2011


I thought that I would finally clear out some pictures that have been sitting in the “blog” file folder and then I thought “hey, maybe I should do a random post” … it’s been awhile. 

  • The littles are feeling better!  That is great news. 
  • The parents are NOT feeling better.  We are ok, but not quite “feeling well”.  Looks like we will get a much milder case of this flu which is fine by me. 
  • I assume that Farmer Neal is feeling a little better since he is at work. 
  • How about a picture?

  • How about 2 pictures? 

  • I must have thought it was a cute little scene.  I still do.  They look like this a lot, with Evelyn sitting in a big chair chatting with her brother.
  • In the second one you might notice that Evelyn has a stick of butter. 

  • I have to hide them from her.  The girl loves butter.  If I wanted her to love me forever I would just have to give her a stick a day.  This day I had left it on the table … she only had it long enough for photographic proof.  She didn’t love me that day I don’t think. 
  • She also loves apple butter. 

  •  A neighbor brought us a couple of jars which are long gone. 

  • After she was out of apple butter, I gave her some grape jelly that I made shortly before Christmas.
  • That cute shirt we just received the day before will never be the same.
  • Not everyone makes grape jelly in December, but I did.  You don’t believe me?  Here is my proof.

  • Of course there is no proof that is a new picture huh?  Well, here’s the deal … I have no reason to lie to you so believe me that I made grape jelly in December.  It was for some Christmas gifts. 
  • Here were my Christmas gift baskets brought to Mom’s on Christmas day.

  • If you could see inside those cool brown bags, you would see jelly.  You would also see some spice mixes, some strawberry jam, a couple embroidered kitchen towels, some granola, and … seems like there was something else?  No.  That was it.
  • Did you know that I only wrapped one gift in wrapping paper?  That’s right … everything else had a sewn bag.  Nice huh?  Worked out pretty slick.
  • Did I ever show you what I made for my Mom?  Since she is my only commenter about 99% of the time, I sewed her something.  Well ok I would have sewed her something even if she didn’t comment.  For the record though … I think that more people should comment on my blog.  Anyway … the throw quilt. 

  • I like it. 
  • I also like this guy.

  • And he likes ginger snaps. 

  • They are all gone now but he loved them while he had them.
  • I just think this little girl is so stinkin’ cute.  She is as stubborn as cute most days, but that’s ok.

  • We received an annoying puzzle around the holidays. It’s one of those that makes noise.  We have very few toys that make noise.  So this puzzle makes animal noises, and overall it is pretty fun because well, it makes actual animal noises.  I don’t like that it will randomly MOOOO and COCK-A-DOODLE-DO when ever it likes.  It’s light activated but it mostly MEOW’S and QUACKS when there is no change in light.  I suppose there are worse things. 

  • So I think that is all I have.  Well, I suppose if I really had the time I would come up with great words to share, but presently there are two little people “out of sorts” and needing their mother to step away from the computer. 

  • I am really hoping that they look like this when I turn around. 
  • Thanks for reading.  I do appreciate it. 


  1. I love your random posts and the others too. Watching these little ones grow through this blog is so nice. My grandchildren are ages 10,11,13 and 18 so no babies around now. Thanks for letting me enjoy your litle ones. From reading the comments I think they have a wonderful Grandma and two parents that love them. Children need love, lots of it.

  2. what is Miss E using to eat her apple butter with??? hope they continue to feel better and you two are able to rest and stay healthy!!!!

    • Sarah … she is using a wooded spreader that a neighbor made for us. She makes wooden spoons and those little spreaders. My goal is to learn how to make them because they are super handy! :)

  3. Since you said you like comments I figured I better leave you one…I have been silently following your blog since Evelyn was just a little baby…I enjoy reading your take on simple days with your children. I also have 2 little ones…a daughter 3 and a son 6mo…my Children are my life! Thanks for sharing…I enjoy all your entrys…
    feel free to stop by my blog

  4. I can attest to the warmth of the quilt and the yumminess of the grape jelly…or is it spelled yummyness? Neither look right so maybe it’s not truly a word. Another one of my favorites posts filled with trivia and beautiful faces of little ones.

    I had to laugh about that puzzle. A bag of toys waited at my house til Christmas and at various times during the day I would hear a rooster crow or a cow bawl and it never corresponded to anything I did….it was kind of disconcerting in it’s random timing. I never dug into the bag to check out the source, but I thought it was the farm animal version of the See n’ Say. So my puzzle turned out to be a puzzle…mystery solved!

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