Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 13, 2011

Birthday Party Prep … take 3

Honestly, I didn’t think that we would have three birthday party prep posts, but I do. 

We thought that since there we will be a few older kids at Evelyn’s party we would do a bean bag toss.  Probably a prize-less game, but a game none-the-less.  We have a game called “polish horseshoes” or something like that where you toss metal washers in holes.  Anyway, it is fun, but not fun for kids because it isn’t very easy.  We always thought it would be more fun with bean bags.  Problem is that we don’t have bean bags.  That is where I come in.  Since sewing has become my new therapy of sorts I told Farmer Neal … “I will just make some quick”.  For the record, you should never say that.  Sort of like you should never say “we never get sick”, “she has been taking such great naps lately”, or “that’s his favorite”.  You get the idea. 

What was to be a simple project, turned out to be horrible.  So many issues with something that should have taken a few minutes.  In the end they are done and I guess that was the goal but still … it could have gone so much better and been so much simpler.   They are nowhere near what I thought they would be.  And, I was planning on a total of 8 … I gave up at 6.

Unfortunately, Evelyn is not a fan of the bean bags that I am sure I will grow to love.  She tried and tried to open them up.  Over and over and over she would cry and say “bean!”.  Reasoning with her did no good.  Ok, I didn’t even try to reason with an almost 2-year-old, but I did try to explain.  They were supposed to be fun for her not cause her stress. 

Eventually I decided on this as a distraction.  

Oh the fun that was had with a couple handfuls of beans and measuring spoons. 

And we only had to pick up about 87 beans from the floor!  Actually it was much less than that but that was my guess as I heard them falling. 

My favorite part of the project … you know besides being done was making the cute bag.  See, those bags are good therapy … bean bags however are not.



  1. Did you follow a pattern on the bag? I just love reading your posts, whether its on here or FB.

  2. okay….YOU.ARE.AWESOME!……awesome.

  3. I love the polka-dotted bag. I’m wondering how bean bags could have been such a huge challenge, but it looks there will be no beans escaping from them! I bet the older kids will love to play the game.

    You’re so creative. I wonder if you could find a way to decorate a birthday cake with fabric……

  4. When my daughter was little my aunt gave her a bean bag doll, the body was filled with beans and the head was just a rubber doll head. She loved that doll and it conformed to any place she wanted to put it. I would hang over her little arm and she carried it everywhere.
    Love the crayon holders, great idea.

  5. sorry, it would hang over her arm not me.

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