Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 14, 2011

Our Miss E is 2 years old!

About this time 2 years ago I was in hard labor.  Some might argue that pushing a 4 pound 4 oz. baby couldn’t be hard.  Take my word for it, it was hard.  2.5 hours of pushing hard.  It was surreal.  So crazy that we were having our baby 8 weeks early.  We were far from ready, so far that it could be argued that we were not in the least bit ready.  But there we were, 90 miles from home delivering an 8 week old preemie.  I never once worried that he/she would be ok.  Isn’t that something?  A baby that early can have lots of health issues if they even survive.  Sad hard truth, but I was oblivious to it all.  I was calm, even with all the sureal-ness (not a word I know) that I was surrounded by. 

And then she was here.  A tiny little baby.  We were so not ready that our earliest pictures are when she was 2 days old when a camera made its way to the NICU.   Some of you were here back then.  Remember these?

Our girl Ev. 

This morning I dug out the few pictures we have from her stay in the NICU.

She said “Baby!”, “Dad!” & “Mom!” about a million several times.  It will be fun to share her story when she is older. 

Happy Birthday Evelyn!   



  1. This brings me to tears… what a perfect little miracle you have in that child. SHe is so beautiful..and so loved!!

    Be blessed-

    • Yup, Evelina sure has grown and come a long way from a little pipsqueak. Can’t wait until I can take her along and teach her how to trap pocket gophers, especailly how to take them out of the traps. We’ll make a real farm kid out of her early on. Of course, the Thirteenth Man will tag along and want to do it too.

  2. Tears here too. We were there shortly after she was born, and what a little miracle she was, and continues to be. Beautiful girl, and pure gift to her family. Like all babies are:)

    Happy Birthday, Evelyn. You are so loved.

  3. Happy birthday Miss Evelyn. Love watching you grow up. Iris

  4. Happy Birthday Miss Evelyn, you are growing up so fast. You get cuter with every pic your Mom posts. No wonder Grandma is so proud of you guys, you are a great family from what I read.

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