Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 18, 2011

A few post birthday party thoughts.

This may not interest you in the least.  However, I wanted to jot down … can you even consider it “jotting down” when typing? … anyway, I wanted to put some thoughts down regarding the birthday party so next time when I am thinking “was it worth it?”, “was it more fun with a big party?, or is a small one the way to go?”, “did I really need to make all that cake and food?”, “were the favors for the kids worth the time and effort?”, and all the other many questions I will come up as birthdays of our children come up. 

So, in “true random fashion” … here are my post 2nd birthday bash observations. 

  • Overall I think it was a great success.  Our objective with hosting a birthday party was simply to celebrate the beautiful life that we have been given the opportunity to raise.  We wouldn’t have had to do a big party to do that, but we did. 
  • We ended up using the church basement for the party because our living space is limited with the upstairs of the house being unoccupied and all of us on the main floor.  When you know you have lots of room, it seems fitting to invite enough people to make the space feel less big. 
  • Our invitation list wasn’t huge, we just have lots of friends with little people.  13 invitations were sent, with 8 families in attendance.  We had 16 adults & 14 kids which was about half of our potential number of guests that were invited. 
  • I put quite a bit of effort into the “details” of her party.  Many of the details didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, but I love to plan and I love the details.  The details were for me, and I would do them all again.
  • The little guests were very excited about their crayon rolls!  I would do them again as well.  All of the little guests were under the age of 7 … perfect for crayons.
  • The paper on two long tables for coloring whatever they wanted was a huge hit!  They colored and colored.  Even big people colored. 
  • The bean bag toss was played with as well, but the bean bags themselves were the best part.  They were used all over the place.  Need a gift for a toddler?  Make ’em bean bags.  Had a few of the older aged kids that were invited been there, I think they would have played more with it than the toddlers did. 
  • Having food besides cake worked out well too.  The party was held at 3pm and we ate about 4:30pm or 5pm.  I made chicken wild rice soup & dinner rolls.  We also made some peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for the little people, though most of them had soup. 
  • We over did both food and cake, but I will always do that … even if I remember later that I made too much.   Having too much food is what I do.
  • We completely forgot to serve the ice cream!  It’s still in the freezer and we didn’t remember until about an hour or so after we were home!  Next time I need to write a BIG note. 
  • The one thing that I would change, is to have someone there to help out, you know so that things like forgetting the ice cream wouldn’t happen.  Preferably someone who won’t be needing to watch a little child at the same time.  If you have a person who would love to do that for you, grab ’em up quick!  Unfortunately my friend that would have loved to be there was out of town.  Next time though we will check her schedule first cause it just wasn’t the same without her. 
  • There is a belief that little children don’t remember their parties and larger gatherings are only for the parents.   This theory has some truth, but really … a 2-year-old knows what is going on.  She had a great time.  How do I know?  A Mama knows.  Will she remember it?  Likely not.  But if you could have witnessed her joy when 20 or more people sang to her you would know that she felt loved.  I was sure she would jump out of her skin.  It was priceless. 

So in the end, yes! … we would do a big party again … not before 2 years old, but a big one was fun!



  1. Definitely worth it!! Especially when you have such a good community like you do!!! I am so glad Evelyn enjoyed it so much…..I can just picture that smile!!!

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