Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 21, 2011


You may have heard it is cold in Minnesota today.  Apparently so.  I have the blessed luxury of staying but right near the wood stove.  No complaints here!  Oh, and there is fresh bread rising on the counter.  The simple life definitely has its perks on a cold day like today. 

* photo not taken today …

oddly enough this hasn’t been our first cold day in MN this winter *

Incase you are curious … when Farmer Neal came home from work at 5am this morning (worked a little late obviously) it was 34 degrees below zero.  Yeah that’s cold.  But now it is only 15 below zero so really, it could be worse.  It could always be worse. 

Have a good Friday!  Stay warm if you need to!  Probably best to just appreciate whatever weather is out your window, but that’s just me … you know that one by a toasty warm wood stove and fresh bread.



  1. You are the first fellow Minnesotan I have seen on wordpress!! It is colder than you know what

  2. It is 12:31, so probably the warmest part of the day, and currently -11 (also in Minnesota). That doesn’t slow us down, though. We’ve already been to Bible study and the grocery store today.

  3. Mathias looks toasty warm…I thought at first that’s how you were staying cozy today:) It’s pretty chilly around the edges here, but I baked some brownies and will make breakfast for supper…for some reason it seems appealing.

    Dad set up 2 space heaters in the basement and we have one in the playroom so the electric bill may be a little higher, but oh well!

    Sure is beautiful out there with the big flakes of snow. I may not enjoy them when I shovel them tomorrow, though.

  4. I thought the same thing, Mary, that he was bundled up against a cold house. I think it’s cold here and it’s in the 30s. My blood has thinned I guess. It feels colder here for some reason, maybe because I no longer really have cold weather clothes. I’m bundled up in a fuzzy throw as I type!

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