Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 22, 2011

The girl loves shoes.

We received another generous box of clothes the other day.  It is always fun to see what is hiding within that box and to pick through it.  Admittedly, not everything stays here but mostly it does … there have just been a few things that I know I won’t use.  We for sure keep something when Miss E. LOVES it.  And these shoes are her favorite.   That adorable little girl can be a bit particular … or I could say that she can be a bit like her mother from time to time.  This time around I like them too.  Another added bonus is that we needed a bigger pair of shoes for her and I haven’t been able to find anything in the right size and there they were! 

Oddly enough she was already dressed for the day when we looked through the box.  Sorta spooky that they matched so well.  She loves her “new to her” shoes so much that if she could, she would wear them to bed.  What can I say?, the loves shoes.  And I am thankful that her feet have a little room to grow.  Mostly however, I love that they bring her joy.  Simple things are the best, and appreciating what you have is a valuable lesson … no matter how old you are.

Happy Weekend!



  1. Cute shoes! I thought when I saw the photo that even her blanket matches them.

  2. What a prize find!

  3. When I saw the picture I wondered if you had matched the clothes to the shoes and later you cleared that up. :-) She looks so happy and proud of her new shoes. Cute!

  4. LOVE them!!! Nothing like a smile like that to brighten your day and help you to remember joy :)

  5. All girls should love shoes, my grand daughter thinks a girl could never have too many shoes. She is 9. She gets a lot of hand me downs and always loves to go through them.

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