Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 25, 2011

Little Helpful Hands

Miss Evelyn is becoming more helpful as each day passes.  She has always been the girl to want to help, but now she is able to be helpful.  Two different things really. 

The other day Farmer Neal was stacking some small pieces of wood that need to dry and sure enough she headed right over and started to help. 

It obviously wasn’t a chore that “needed” another set of hands, as the set that Farmer Neal has would have been just fine, but those little hands were more than welcome. 

As parents, one of our goals and hopes for our children is that they have a giving spirit, that they want to help others and be of service to those around them. So far, it’s working with this girl. 

She learned her part of the wood stacking process so well that towards the end she didn’t even need to look!  She would just pick up the wood and put it above her head, just waiting for Daddy to take it from her.

She makes me smile.

We are so thankful for those little helpful hands!



  1. This is so cute!!!! It is great when they want to be helpful!!! We would love to come out sometime as well :)

  2. And she has her “new shoes” on too.

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