Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | January 31, 2011


I dusted off sewing machine the other day.  It had been nearly two weeks since I had sewed anything.  All the stitching done for Evelyn’s birthday party pretty much did me in, and the idea of threading that needle didn’t sound too exciting.  

But this past week I noticed that Evelyn had been putting her blanket over her shoulders and that morning as I watched her standing there, I thought “she needs a cape!”. 

I did a search on-line and found several different patterns & tutorials.  I used this one (click to view) for most of it.  I changed a couple of things but that pattern was my guide.

After a little digging I decided on fabric & unburied the sewing machine. 

There was a little cutting.

Could that fabric be any more cheerful!?  I love it. 

After the cutting, I sewed and sewed.  Did I mention that I made FOUR of them?  I wonder if a day will come when I only make one of something?  Probably not.  I have accepted that I mostly overdo most things, it’s all good.

And … it was fun.   Sewing really is good therapy I tell ya. 

They turned out great.  There are two with red lining and two with purple.  And, they are reversible because you never know when you need to be a cheery super hero or a plain old red or purple one.  Or something. 

Only problem with these great capes is that when I went to put it on the recipient she cried.  Did you guess that?  Yeah I did too, so I wasn’t too terrible disappointed.  I did manage to get her to put it on one more time for a quick picture … you know with ratty hair and dirty pajamas. 

It is more than obvious that she doesn’t love it.  That combined with her unwillingness to smile for the camera makes for a lovely picture no?  Did you know she is 2?  

Our littlest super hero was more than cooperative.  Did you guess that?  Yeah I did too.  He was my “back-up kid” for pictures because I knew he wouldn’t cry.

He did great.  So great that I had a hard time picking pictures. 

I believe that one day, these fun capes will get plenty of love!



  1. Those are adorable!! I am sure in a day or week she will love them!!!

  2. If you keep putting them on Mathias, she may think she’s missing out on something and want one herself:) They turned out very nice, and I love the fabric!

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