Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 5, 2011

St. Valentines Day shirts for the littles.

More shirts for the kids.  I kind of can’t stop thinking about making them when a new holiday comes around.  

I didn’t find anything on-line that I loved so I just winged it and made this up.  There were similar ideas to this one but not quite the same.  

I decided that pick-up trucks would be fun and somewhat gender neutral.  Little farm girls can have a pink pick-up truck right?  

They aren’t really done yet.  Mathias’s is stitched, but needs ironing one more time.  Evelyn’s made its way to the embroidery hoop after I took these pictures and is nearly done.   Why I didn’t just wait to get them done before I posted this I don’t know … but sometimes a “project in process” isn’t a bad thing.

They are somewhat primitive looking due to the hand stitching but I like the added charm of the contrasting colors and homemade look.   I tell myself that over and over again in the hopes that my perfectionist thoughts will go away and love them for what they are … which is “just a shirt”.  And I do actually believe that they are fine, even with imperfections … most of the time.   In my defense however, between two layers of fabric & heat-n-bond in addition to the shirt on most of the shirt, the stitching is not easy.  And who’s great idea it was to make those tiny little hearts on the tires? … they are cute, but she must not have remembered that it would be difficult to stitch.  

So just a little more work and they will be done.  If all goes well … you know if those adorable little people cooperate, I will get pictures on the day they wear them to share.


Since I finished Evelyn’s shirt before I published this post  …

There it is.  Turned out pretty cute. 

They still need to be ironed, but much closer to done!



  1. SO cute! I think a love delivery truck is a wonderful idea!

  2. They are so adorable… you have got such talent!!

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