Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 8, 2011

Tuesday Night Random.

The little people are still awake … one roaming around taking toys out that I already put away and the other safely in his crib.  In the somewhat calm I figured it was time for a little random post. 

  • It seems that the blog has taken its turn on the back burner yet again.  There is no rhyme or reason behind that, just how it goes.  The sewing machine has been silent as well.  So what in the heck am I doing with all my time I wonder?
  • This past week I started organizing the chaos that is my second floor of this old house.  It is a terrible sight.  Someday when the “after” pictures are taken I might just share the “before” ones.  The three bedrooms are currently “under construction” and soon and very soon they will be done.  Or so I hope to believe.  The kid’s room is still waiting for the floor repair and paint, our room needs some patching on the wall and fresh paint, and the storage room needs to be organized. 
  • Step one was to organize all the kids’ clothing.  I ended up with 18 large bins of clothes.  Holy buckets.  Hopefully we are blessed with more children to use them.
  • I know you are curious so I will say again “not pregnant”.   You do know that I would tell you if I was right? 
  • Tomorrow we are heading on a little road trip to deliver some naughty roosters … only to pick them up frozen a week or so later.  I am not one bit sad about this, even though it means I need to be up at 6am, load kids in the cold, and drive 90 minutes one way.  Those roosters have been here much too long and they are injuring and ultimately killing the hens.  It isn’t good, so they gotta go.  The plan has been to butcher them here and well, time is not our friend.
  • Have I mentioned how hard my dear Farmer Neal works?  It is crazy really and he deserves like a million metals for so many things.  Last month he completed specialized training at work, got a little pay raise, a few bonuses and was employee of the month.  He is awesome that husband of mine. 
  • I am working on a little St. Valentine’s day party here at the house for a few little friends of Evelyn’s.  Still working out details and deciding what to do for sure.  I have tons of time still I figure.  It will be girly and cute … that much I know. 
  • You probably didn’t know that I did 3 loads of laundry yesterday & 1 more today did you?  Just one of those exciting tidbits of my boring facinating life that I like to keep secret.  I also changed 6 dirty diapers.  Yep, 2 butt(s) and 6 dirty diapers.  And I currently “smell something”.   Don’t hate me cause I am so blessed. 
  • But really, I would change that many any day if it meant that those adorable faces were on the other end.  I like those kids … a lot. 
  • I just wrote out my to-do list for tonight and well, it has 8 things on it.  Are you curious to know what they are?  Well since you asked so nicely I will share. 
  • I have one more load of laundry to fold.  At this point it might need to get a little tumble or two before that happens.
  • I need to make Mathias’s formula.  Did you know that we make his formula?  We sure do.  It is full of milk (shocking I know) and all sorts of healthy oils and other stuff.  We make a batch a day which makes 4 8 oz. bottles.
  • Speaking of the little boy.  Today I handed him a play phone to play with chew on, and he put it up to his ear.  Did you know he was a genuis?  A 10.5 month old genius I tell ya.
  • I am making fresh buns and sloppy joes for Loren’s lunch tomorrow.  Since we will be gone, that has to be done tonight and crock-pot ready.  FYI … I just took the hamburger out and the buns are still in flour form.
  • A lunch for Loren to take to work needs to be packed as well … mostly it will be leftovers from the fridge, though I do need to peel and cut some fresh carrots. 
  • There is a diaper bag & food for the day for tomorrow to pack.
  • Guess that is it … oh wait, I need to shower too.  I won’t tell you how many days it has been.
  • So with all that yet to do tonight and it is 9pm and the alarm will be going off at 6am it sounds like this girl should head to the kitchen right?  Right. 

That is all … thanks for reading.


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