Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 9, 2011

Craft Desk Upgrade.

Remeber Evelyn’s little desk that I threw together created awhile back?

Well we have done a little upgrading in the kids craft desk department!  However, you should  know that before it got better, it got worse. 

Her birthday party happened and her “desk” was that cake board I needed for that cake.   This has been her “work space” for almost a month.  Poor girl.

But today we upgraded.  It was a significant upgrade.

For $5.  Sweet deal right?  We love Craigslist around these parts.   (not sure why so many pictures were blurry …  pretty sure my free camera is fading fast)

There is a spot to put a roll of craft paper, and a drawer which is already filled with those crayons.  She is such a smart girl.  I mentioned that we would have to do that sometime and sure enough … she filled it first thing. 

I think we’ll get lots of use out of it and you gotta admit, that is a pretty significant upgrade.



  1. What a cute table, and what a great deal! She looks pretty happy with her new table. ☺

  2. Such a nice little table for a very excited little girl! I like that it matches the quilt on the wall behind it too. A nice decorating touch:) I just know you planned it. ha

  3. So, I can even see the eyes on that very excited girl…..thank goodness for bang trims in certain church kitchens~

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