Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 12, 2011

Baby Clara Quilt

My friend had a baby girl the other day and if all goes well I will get to see her tomorrow!  Mathias is feeling a bit under the weather tonight and I am hoping it is just teeth and that he isn’t sick.  I can’t go visit a new baby having a sick one of my own.  So we will see.  But regardless, I have the gift ready! 

I decided on Thursday evening that I should try to make a quilt.  I started thinking seriousy about it on Friday at about 3pm.  After a failed attempt at a fleece one, I decided not to make a quilt at about 4pm.  At 8pm I decided that I should just try and make one even though it might not get done. 

At midnight I was done, bag and all. 

It isn’t perfect, but as we all know “nothing says homemade like imperfection!”. 

Welcome to the world Baby Clara … can’t wait to meet you!



  1. Very cute Stephanie :)

  2. That is a beautiful quilt! You definately have the quilting gift. LOVE the colors and the bag is just the frosting on the cake…guess you have the cake decorating gift too:) We all know that already. It will be so appreciated.

  3. You are AMAZING Stephanie

  4. That is beautiful, I love the colors. My mother in law makes baby quilts, she makes the sun bonnet sue and overall boy quilt. Quilts are so pretty and strudy, they can go through wash after wash and still stay nice. You are a very talented lady, I love your blog.
    I am a mom and grandma living in Ruskin, Fl. I just came by your blog by accident a long time ago and enjoy reading about your life on the farm. Writing is another talent you have.

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