Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 12, 2011

St. Valentines Day Pizza!

After a long day of travel and visiting I came home to my loves who missed me and a tired husband.  While the farm boys took naps the farm girls made dinner.  Pizza sounded easy and quick enough so I threw the dough together to rise, cooked some mushrooms, onions, garlic, & peppers up and we were well on our way. 

While the dough did it’s rising and the veggies their sauteing I tried to get a picture of my helper. 

the sticking out of the tongue was actually my idea … silly Mama

You might wonder if the girl has anything else to wear besides that same sweater.  What can I say?, she LOVES it.  It can be buried deep in the laundry basket and she will find it.  I figure there are worse things that I could have to deal with than a 2-year-old who loves a cute sweater … dirty or not.

Hey, I thought this post was about pizza?  Oh yeah right.  So the dough for the crust rose great.  As I was shaping it a bit before I placed it on the hot stone I could see a heart taking shape.  It was then and only then that I had the inspiration for a St. Valentines Day pizza night.  If I would have thought about it before hand I would have warmed up the round stones.  But it still worked out ok and it only took about 12 seconds to make the heart shapes. 

I thought they were awesome.   And well, they were.

Peppers, onion, garlic, extra sauce & cheese just barely melted for the Mr.

Mushroom, little sauce & cheese nice and brown for the Mrs.

We started making two pizzas at a time when I realized how nice it was to have a bunch of leftover pizza in the fridge with very little extra effort. 

Needless to say dinner was a success. 

Happy early St. Valentines Day to us!



  1. Looks yummy!!!

  2. would you post your pizza dough recipe, it looks so nice and easy to work with?

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