Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | February 26, 2011

It’s a good thing I don’t have a food blog.

This afternoon I had several items listed on my to-do list.  One of them was “bake cake” and another “frost cake”.  We have a “February Birthday’s” gathering tomorrow to celebrate my Mom’s, brother’s and Dad’s birthday’s that were all in February.  I said I would bring a cake to go with a trifle that my sister-in-law was going to make.   After much thought I decided to make a chocolate cake and pipe on some fun big roses with the leftover pink frosting from the Valentine’s party that was in the freezer.  Seemed simple enough.

I made the cake. 

I would have taken a picture of the entire cake but it sunk it the middle just like when I made Evelyn’s second birthday cake.  It wasn’t too terrible and I figured it would be just fine when I flipped it. 

Then I flipped it.  

Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture.  Let me try to describe it to you. Basically, the large round cake was now a small round cake with at least a third of the cake left in the silicone pan I used.  Bummer right?  Well it was ok because I was enjoying crumbling the cake left in the pan as I thought about what to do.  After some more crumbling I remembered that there was a way to make “cake pops” with crumbled cake and frosting.  Perfect.

I mixed some frosting and the cake. 

It’s ok, you can say it.  It wasn’t pretty.

Then I formed balls and stuck sticks in them. 

Forming the balls was not easy, but I tried not to dwell on that fact since in the end I was going to have fun festive cake pops that I am sure all would think were so cool (cause they are) and fun (cause they are). 

I even had a bag of red vanilla flavored “melts” to coat them.  How much more perfect could it be right? 

While the melts were melting and I was cursing forming the cake into balls, Evelyn shared some with Mathias. 

She is so nice that girl. 

Well, nice unless you want a photo. 

Anyway, back to these fantastic cake pops.  I decided to put them in the freezer because I was having some issues with them being firm enough.  I tried to coat one and well, there was a little bit more cursing.

Before I started the process to make them I did a tiny bit of research on-line.  I knew the basics and just wanted to make sure that I had enough info to go with it.  After I was having so much trouble with the forming of the balls I figured I needed to look them up again and see if anyone had some tips on the process.  I didn’t recall anyone mentioning that whole “cursing” issue that I had however and wondered why that could be.  I can’t be the only one that could get frustrated … I really didn’t curse, I swear promise … but I was a little frustrated.  So I did a little more looking. 

Not too surprisingly, I failed to catch the whole “cool cake completely before adding the frosting” part.  Seriously?  No wonder it was so soupy.  I have a terrible habit of just reading ingredients and assuming I am smart enough to figure it out. 

So out went the “pops” and I down graded to just “cake balls”.  

The coating of the too wet cake balls went about as well as anyone would suspect.  In a word … terrible. 

I remembered on one blog that I read they mentioned “don’t try to make them perfect because they aren’t supposed to be”.

At least I did one thing right. 

The good thing though? 

Cakes done.



  1. They look pretty good, actually. Can’t wait to try them. And your baking makes for a humorous post, besides!

    Maybe you should try leaving your cakes in the pan to frost. Just sayin’… :)

  2. I think your mother might have a good idea with leaving the cakes in the pan, although the balls turned out cute! : )


    I used to get really frustrated because my banana bread and pumpkin bread would come out of the oven, set just a little, and when I flipped them they would always always stick. Completely frustrating!
    My mother, the genius that she is, said all she does is lines her pans with aluminum foil. No grease. No spray. NO DISHES.
    Line it. Fill it. Bake it. Let it set in the pan for just a little while. Then lift the foil and the food out of the pan and slowly full the foil away from the food. Flawless. Every.Single.Time. AND there isn’t any cursing the pan that caused the sticking either….OR washing it.
    It works. Give it a try. ;-)
    Humorous post.

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