Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | March 2, 2011

Magazine Bowl

Have you seen a magazine bowl before? 

I was looking for an idea for a birthday gift and decided to try my hand at them.  There are lots of different tutorials out there and different ways to make them.  Just search for magazine bowl tutorials and take a look!   You will need some time and a little patience but really, they aren’t too bad.  Oh, and you might want to put it up really really high so that your 2 year old doesn’t find it and take half of it apart with the help of her 1 year old brother while it is drying.  Just sayin’. 

So there it is.  Cool right?  I learned a lot during the process which is how I learn … you know that whole “by trial & error” method?  Yep, that is my leaning style.   It was pretty fun though, I might just have to make some more.


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