Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | March 3, 2011

From the stitching room.

Last week I did a little sewing in the stitching room kitchen.  I am still waiting for my craft table in the craft room which should surprise about none of  you.  Just thought I would share the little projects for those of you that appreciate tales from the so-called stitching room. 

My Mom’s birthday was on Valentines Day this year.  Ok, so it is ALWAYS on Valentines Day.   Sometimes I think I am funny.  Anyway, I made her these pillows. 

I didn’t do much … just stitched fabric around the already pretty and detailed hand stitched designs.  Mom picked them up second-hand and gave them to me to try to figure out how to use them.  I thought and thought … like for months, at least 6 I would say.  All I could come up with were these little pillows.  They were hand quilted on a thick batted fabric which wasn’t conducive for a quilt like I had hoped. 

Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the back … there are three solid burgundy and three striped ones.  I found the striped fabric at an estate sale that was so old I would consider it antique fabric.  Nice and heavy.  In the end the 6 little pillows were a success.  My original plan was to border them which would make them a bit bigger but in the end the borders would have taken away from the detail.  They are simple and I love simple.


I also sewed about a dozen little coin purses that are going to Haiti, or at least I am pretty sure that is where they were going. 

I used this tutorial … here … and they turned out pretty well.   Pretty well considering I have never sewed a zipper before, and that I found out after they were done that there is something called a zipper foot.  Oh well.   After I learned a thing or three, and broke 3 needles, they were done.

I was able to use some more scraps which of course is a good thing.  

And those my friend are the most current tales from the stitching room kitchen table.



  1. I love my little simple pillows:) Thanks, Steph.

    I have never learned to sew a zipper well…..with or without a zipper foot! Your little coin purses are so cute, especially the cow one.

  2. Stephanie, your latest projects are fantastic! I am going to show my oldest daughters your cute coin purses. . . I think they would enjoy making some for their friends. Thanks for the inspiration!

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