Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | March 10, 2011

Cupcake Barrettes

With a soon to be one year olds birthday on my mind I thought it would be fun to make cupcake barrettes. 

“Wait?  Did she just say ‘barrettes’?  Ummm … Mom?”

But since boys wearing barrettes is somewhat frowned upon I figured they would work for the big sister. 

“Oh, well that is better!”

She loves them. 

She especially loves them with unmatched hair binders and crooked ponies. 


Life is good when you are two.



  1. Look so great!!! So nice that she actually keeps them in her hair!! :)

  2. I enjoy your ‘quotes’ from the kids that so fit the photos!

    The barrettes are fun, too.

  3. Stephanie – those are super-cute barrettes! Did you follow a tutorial or come up with them on your own? Please pass instructions along! My girls would love those!

    • Just made them up Sarah … but I am sure if you searched a little on-line you could find some instructions. I just cut out some felt, and stitch! :)

  4. I had the most fun surprise in my mailbox today…from YOU! Thank you for the gift you sent my girls – they are so-stinking-cute!! I can’t wait to try them in their hair after naps today!

    Since I have a pattern to follow (not so good at following directions, I’m a visual learner) I think I can manage these. In fact, I’m eyeing those little hearts you’ve now added as the next one to try. Who knows where this could end?!

    But, it begs to ask the question…Truely, is it better to give than to receive? Ha!

    Thanks again, Stephanie! What a treat to receive! Sarah

    • Your welcome! Glad you like them. I just bought another bunch of barrettes … I can’t help myself. Unfortunately Miss Evelyn isn’t a fan of my shamrock … yet. I will keep trying to sway her with it’s cuteness. And flowers must be done before Easter. :)

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