Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | March 17, 2011

Random on a Thursday.

I don’t know why I am at the computer when I have a list of about a dozen things to accomplish … but here I sit.  What better time to do a little random post?  You know the drill, where I jot down bits and pieces of my thoughts.  It could be interesting, boring, terrible, funny, or anything else that seems to fit.  We just never know until it’s the end.

  • The little people are in cribs for naps.  They are yet to be asleep but getting closer with each passing minute.  Currently they are quiet … but that could change. 
  • There are dishes in the sink … and on the table, and on the counter.  Ok, they are on three counters.  I am not exactly sure how that space got so out of control today.  Probably because I didn’t get the first morning dishes and kitchen cleaning done.
  • Mathias had his 1 year appointment this morning.  It went well.  He is a typical one year old.  So glad I know that since I didn’t.  And actually I knew it, but now I paid a professional to tell me. 
  • Our guy weighs 21 pounds and is 31 inches long.  Tall and skinny.  My doctor said “I might be concerned if I didn’t know what his father looked like”.  I thought that was funny. 
  • They drew some blood to check his iron levels which they normally do at this age.  He did pretty well, even though his terrible mother left his blanket and nuk in the other room. 
  • Evelyn watched the blood draw which she has had plenty of with her low iron issues a year ago.   She even took her shoe and sock off while waiting for Mathias, planning on getting her toe pricked next.  It was pretty cute.
  • The kids have colds though I think that Evelyn is almost over it.  Not sure about that little boy, he sometimes seems like he isn’t feeling well then a couple of hours later is completely normal.  Odd.  I hope he is just dealing with a mild case of whatever it was. 
  • It is spring out.  And when you live in Minnesota spring is a glorious thing.  We love a nice bright shining sun and melting snow. 
  • It’s also St. Patrick’s Day today.  We are a smidge of Iris, well the kids and I … but they are less of a smidge than I.  That Dad of theirs has no green … he is mostly german, whatever color that might be.
  • Did I mention I have a bunch of stuff to do?  Yikes.  This desk here is terrible.  Currently I see lots of things that should not be here, including a pile of felt and sewing stuff.  See, I made Evelyn a cute shamrock barrette for today … she isn’t a fan of the cute green shamrock and won’t wear it.  She will however wear two hearts and three cupcake barrettes at the same time.  She is awesome. 
  • Farmer Neal planted peppers today.  Let the 2011 garden begin.  A couple of weeks ago he said “Is it March 1st?, we are supposed to plant peppers now”.  To which I replied “well, then we have a few weeks right?”.  And as you can see they were done on the 17th.  Makes me smile that we make our own rules.  Oddly enough we always have peppers at some point in the fall. 
  • I am actually excited about the peppers this year because we have been making lots of fajitas.  We are using up a bunch of them that are still in the freezer from 2007.  They work great actually so this year I hope we get lots of peppers.  That probably means we will get none. 
  • I am hosting  a little St. Patrick’s Day party tomorrow … a day late obviously, but it worked out better in my schedule so we are all fine with it.  Should be about 25 or more people there … 20 of them children.  The average age child will be like 3 years old.  Fun!  Still working on some of the details but it will be simple and hopefully the kids will enjoy their little party.  Too bad Evelyn won’t be wearing that shamrock barrette … it would be adorable.  Maybe I will wear it. 
  • I am going to try to par-bake a bunch of pizza crusts to make homemade pizzas for the party.  I tried one last night and served it to Loren today.  They aren’t nearly as good as fresh ones but they will be ok.  Not sure how many I need to prep for 25 … hmmm?  I will over-do it I am quite certain.  There are worse things than too much pizza.
  • Since I love a party favor at a party I picked up some bubbles.  My hope is to make some cute tags for them. 
  • Mathias is coughing … napping but coughing … I don’t like that combination.  Poor guy.  The little people don’t seem to mind that combination when they cough like once but when it wakes them up, then the whining comes with the napping and the coughing … which is even a more terrible combination.   Sick kids are no fun.
  • My floors need to be mopped, the bed made (or I will just shut the bedroom door so that I don’t see it), new sheets in the cribs, dishes are still not done … can you believe that the dishes fairy has not been here since I have been typing?, that St. Patrick’s Day party prep to do, and I would love to get a little time in that sunny craft room of mine.  Think I should get off the computer?
  • I think so too. 
  • It’s been nice chatting with you.  Hope your day is grand.


  1. sounds a little too much like my normal day. my lists are endless and the my excuse for not getting through it……KIDS. ;-)

  2. Still love the random posts with a slice out of the life of the’ little family on the prairie. ‘

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