Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | March 23, 2011


Random thoughts on this the 23rd day of March.

  • It’s Wednesday evening, the littles are “mostly” in bed.
  • Mathias is happily playing behind bars while Evelyn is still meandering around in all her cuteness.
  • There isn’t really much to report, I just knew that it has been a few days since I have posted anything new here.  I go it spurts … if you have been with this blog for a while you already know that.  Mostly I use my camera as my blog post inspirations and well, I guess I haven’t taken any pictures.  Well, I did take a couple pictures today … but they are of washed buckets.  Very exciting I know. 
  • We are in the process of tapping trees for sap which will be delicious syrup.  The day Farmer Neal went to start the tapping we caught wind of a big old snow storm heading our way so we decided to wait. 
  • I think that I washed over 60 buckets. 
  • A friend of mine has a sister who works part-time at a bakery and they order their batter pre-mixed that comes in nice 2 gallon buckets.  She saves them because she can’t throw them out.  I for one am thankful for her “green-ness”.
  • She will get some syrup for her trouble when all is said and done. 
  • Eventually I plan on posting about the process but the rest of the lids need to be drilled and they need to make it outside.  So as soon as winter decides to leave for good I will share those exciting pictures.
  • Evelyn and I went to story time at a nearby library on Saturday.  Unfortunately I forgot the camera.
  • She was so stinkin’ adorable sitting in the crowd of little people listening to the book being read.  It was priceless really.  
  • I re-discovered the joy of a library through the sparkly blue eyes of my two-year old.  My-oh-my she was thrilled.  She would grab a book and find a chair to read it in, then find another book and a different chair.  It was great.  Really wish I had the camera.  We will go back … with the camera.
  • We checked out a few books and a few movies.  It was fun.
  • There is officially growth in the pepper containers.  The growth is weeds, but it’s growth.
  • Mathias is now whining behind me.  I had resolved that today was the day that I would take the nuk away.  I caved at noon.  Maybe tomorrow.
  • Mathias is now not whining behind me.  I secretly love that nuk. 
  • I am avoiding the craft room.  Not because it is messy, even though it is.  I need to make a baby quilt and I am un-inspired.  I have been looking at fabric for three days now with nothing saying “use me!”.  I have a few days before the Saturday baby shower arrives but I really need to start. 
  • I took these pictures of Mathias’s crazy curls last week.  It’s  a little difficult to see them because it was dark and he would look right at me when I wanted a picture of the back of his head. 

  • This week … no curls.  It’s the strangest thing.
  • I love how you can see those big teeth behind that nuk.
  • I don’t have any current pictures of Evelyn re-sized waiting in the “post” file.  But I do have this one that was sitting in the “not posted” file.

  • Funny.  I have no idea when it is from but I can tell you it’s mighty old.  Boy she was chunky.
  • I also have this one with her daddy, and very little hair.

  • She looks like she is ready for a fight.  It was the sun I think, but she was still cute.  Well she is still cute.  Maybe I will have to take a picture or two tomorrow. 
  • I’ve got a case of the sneezes … I quit counting but it’s over 6 sneezes.  Pretty sure you are happy to know that tid-bit.
  • Well, the kids are asleep and there is fabric to be stared at.  Maybe I will throw in a prayer for inspiration while I am staring, it couldn’t hurt.


  1. I love that hair!

    I was wondering how you were coming on the baby quilt. You’ll probably be sewing it late Friday night. You seem to do your best work at the last minute…everything you make turns out great.

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