Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | March 29, 2011

Just your average one year old tricks.

Mathias is here to share his latest tricks.

That one isn’t a trick, just a “hey am I cute or what?”.  His Mama is wondering how and when exactly he lost his “baby-ness”. He looks like a toddler.  Did I miss a stage?  Sigh. Anyway … the tricks. 

Peek-a-boo!  The Mama’s favorite one.

So-big! This one takes a little coaxing but he will eventually cave and do it.

Ok, so eating a cracker isn’t really a trick, but you have to agree that the picture is adorable.

The “look how strong I am I can drink my sippy cup with one hand!” trick.

There was supposed to be a patty-cake picture but apparently I didn’t capture it at the right time so you will have to take my word for it … he is a patty-cakin’ fool, has been for months. 

And that’s it … there will be more I am sure.  But now, that cute little guy needs some sleep!



  1. Such wonderful photos of Mathias. I think what makes babies suddenly become toddlers are front teeth, and more hair. He knows all his tricks so well! You can tell he gets lots of training. :)

    The second to the last photo sure reminds me of his cousin Gabriel.

  2. He is so cute, the last pic with the two shiney teeth is prefect. He looks all boy, his sister will have to look out.

  3. He is pretty darn cute!!!

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