Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | April 7, 2011

Sap to Syrup.

We’ve been working on boiling down maple sap these past few days.  The kids and I took a little trip out side this morning.  Here are some pictures of our little adventure. 

Evelyn’s job was to look for the buckets. 

Mathias’s self-appointed  job was to steal Evelyn’s hat over and over again.

He did a really great job.

We ran into a little road block on our chosen path.  It wasn’t anything we couldn’t handle.

Mom’s job was to add some more wood, and some more sap.

Sap is still flowing but someday soon we will have all that sap boiled down into delicious syrup! 

Then we will be on the look out for more adventures!



  1. Yum!

    How much syrup do you hope to get (finished product) and how long will that last you?

    • Not too sure what we will end up with yet, looks like it should be about a gallon and a half, possibly 2 when all is said and done. We still have syrup from 2 years ago. :) We don’t use much!

  2. Good thing you had Evelyn along to spot those almost invisible white buckets! :)
    She seemed to enjoy her brother’s cap-tossing antics too. Looks like it was a fun day outside making syrup to enjoy on your whole-wheat pancakes!

  3. that is so awesome!!! It was great to see you the other day!!

  4. Steph, do you bake with maple syrup ever? I’ve been substituting maple syrup for the sugar in a lot of recipes lately and its really good. Also a much better alternative to refined white sugar. We go thru a lot of it, which is why we decided to try making it ourselves. We definitely aren’t saving any money this year with all of the ‘start up’ costs — but still very rewarding and yummy! :)

    • Christie … we have done some baking with it. It makes the best banana bread! :) Loren’s dream is to only use that in baking … just haven’t really experimented as much as I should.

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