Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | April 13, 2011

Just a hello.

We are still here.  All alive and well.  Apparently April isn’t going to be a very big “posts” month.  Sorry.  Spring has sprung so we are mostly enjoying the nice weather, doing some crafts, and cleaning.  What more could we ask for? 

For your viewing pleasure, here are a few random pictures that never quite made it into a post. 

popcorn for breakfast … there are worse things. 

peppers are growing!

a little kitchen mishap … while placing the pan of hot chocolate chip bars on the cooling rack to check and see if they were done, the hot pad slipped and the glass pan flipped, leaving this mess … they weren’t done and it was mostly a terrible moment. 

there was a bit of progress in the kids’ room upstairs … it was a tiny bit of progress, but progress none-the-less.

breakfast … the non-popcorn variety.

that’s all! … have a great day!



  1. The first photo of Evelyn is so sweet…I thought that looked like popcorn and it’s not a bad choice for breakfast but I had to laugh at her eating it with a spoon! Unless it has milk on it:)

    Mathias’ eggs and banana looks even better though.

    I presume the chocolate chip cookie bars were a total loss, though. Too bad.

    • Actually, the bars were saved. Loren put what was on the table and cooling rack in another pan and we finished baking them, even gave some away for our babysitters which is what they were made for in the first place. We did not bake the large amount that landed on the floor though. :)

  2. Love that breakfast popcorn.. and OH NO to those beautiful cookies… hope you still were able to snag a bite! ;)

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