Posted by: poofergirlsperspective | April 15, 2011

Wood Stackers

I am happy to report that the large stacks of drying wood in my limited living space are nearly gone.  This makes me very happy.  Since we are still needing a fire or two a day, one last stack was needed to dry just incase.  I begged and whined and was mostly irritating about the fact that I just didn’t want any more stacks of wood around here.  Enter that fantastic husband of mine.

I was pretty excited to see the back of his head through the kitchen door window stacking that wood … outside!  I said “Wow, you must really like me if you are setting this one outside”.  His reply was “Well of course I like you, and it will dry faster this way.”  I am going to pretend that he would have stacked it outside even if it wouldn’t dry faster. 

There was a cute little helper involved. 

My two favorite wood stackers.



  1. how dry is that wood this morning?

    isn’t this weather completely frustrating?!!!

    • Wood is a tidge wet! :) Oh well, it’ll dry and that darn snow will melt eventually.

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